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Sarah Hoffman

“Faith calls me to serve my neighbors in need and recognize the gifts God has given me,” says Sarah Hoffman, adding, “St. Francis offers many opportunities to do that with a commitment to community and family, and I embrace that whole-heartedly by including my family in acts of service with other parishioners.” Family is essential to Sarah and her husband, David. Their three boys have always been included in their ministry volunteering because it defines, as she says, what our calling is as Catholic Christians.

“Seeing my children interact with those we serve has been the most rewarding aspect of service,” she shares. The Helen Wright Women’s Center is one of the ministries where the Hoffmans have volunteered for the past eight years. Serving meals at the center impacts those receiving the service but also profoundly affects the boys. “The women there are always welcoming, kind, and thankful that we are there to serve a simple meatloaf meal. They speak generously with my kids, encourage them, and are so warm,” says Sarah. “My sons are touched deeply by these interactions.” 

There are many opportunities to serve at St. Francis, and there is something for everyone, including some for the youngest family members. To emphasize this point, Sarah says, “My youngest has been going to the women’s shelter since he was 2!” As a long-time and prolific volunteer, her advice to someone looking to get involved is simple: “Take a look at the long list of ministries on the website, pick one, and give it a try.  Everyone I’ve met during a service activity has been more than kind and welcoming.”   Sarah and her family are serving in those ministries, which they resonate with, but she points out, “There are many needs to fill and options to serve. You can always find one that speaks to your heart and gifts.” 

Sarah continues her involvement at The Franciscan School as a parent and the chairperson of the School Advisory Council and at the Parish in several ministries, including Helen Wright and Brown Bag Ministry; she is thankful for the service opportunities provided by each. “The chance to serve is one of the primary drivers we felt drawn to St. Francis and The Franciscan School,” she mentions. Continuing, she adds, “The fact that this parish offers so many ministries and areas to be of service made me know that this was where I could find community and like-minded people who want to use their gifts to further the kingdom of God. When we go out to a shelter or the senior apartment complex, people see us as Catholic Christians doing good work, proclaiming the gospel with our hands and our lives.”