Parish History

Eight hundred years after Francis heard God’s call to rebuild his church, a people called upon their bishop to build a new parish. And that’s exactly what happened. The parish history covers the first thirty years of the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi parish, a period from 1982 to 2012.
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December 8
Follow the Brick Road – A Journey Through Our Sacred Space
for September 15 date is completely full.  The next tour with open slots is scheduled for December 8. The tours begin in Anthony Hall Founders Room at 12:45 with a light lunch and ends at 2:00pm. Please respond to Deb Royals Mizerk by September 9 at if you would like to be a part of this beautiful historic tour.

Long-time St. Francis parishioner, Pat Kowite, narrates a little part of St. Francis parish history, before it was a parish, with the story of a little girl and her cardboard prayer.

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