It is with great joy that our parish community welcomes adults and children into the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism! The goodness of your lives and your faith make possible this wonderful celebration of the eternal life bestowed by our gracious God.

How we celebrate baptisms at Mass is changing in January 2017! Click here for more information.

Beginning in January 2017, St. Francis of Assisi will be holding up to 3 baptisms of infants and children per Mass on one weekend per month. This will help us best prioritize Baptisms as celebrations for the whole community on those weekends, and align the liturgical elements of the celebration more clearly with other rites of initiation that we celebrate here, particularly the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. So that appropriate care can be taken by parents and parish staff to be fully prepared for celebrating this sacrament, The schedule for these baptism dates is made available to families who have completed the following requirements for celebrating a baptism at St. Francis of Assisi:

  1. Attendance at a Baptism Preparation Session (at St. Francis of Assisi or another Catholic Parish)
  2. Delivery of Godparent paperwork to the Family Life Office
  3. Completion of the Baptism Planning form (provided after the Baptism Preparation Session)

Our community will continue holding Communal Baptisms at 11:00 AM on one Saturday per month. This Communal ceremony will always be on a different weekend than the Mass Baptisms weekend.

Please consult our Baptisms FAQ (linked below) for more information about baptism in our community.

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