What is Realm? 

Realm is a church ministry internet tool which connects our entire church as one network. Among its benefits, you may view your giving history (which others cannot see), update your contact information, see any ministries (called Groups) that you are currently in, as well as the names of other members of the Group(s).

Please Note:  Your information is secure on REALM, and your family information is kept confidential at the level of your preference. https://player.vimeo.com/video/176604542

Let’s Get Connected!

All adult parishioners are invited to join Realm. Need an invitation?

You’ll receive a email with an invitation to join once our support team processes your request. 
Please set up your Realm account by responding to the email invitation before downloading the Realm Connect App

Video Resources

Getting logged in and setting up your account in Realm

How to register for events (using KBL Small Groups as an example)

Getting Started with the Realm Connect App

Registering for Paid Events (using K-12 Formation)

Resources for Parishioners

Below are answers to common Realm questions. Click “+” next to the question to expand and view the answers. You can also view our full FAQ document HERE. 

I didn’t receive an invitation to join Realm.

Registered parishioners with an email address on file should have received an email invite to Realm. If you haven’t received an invitation:

1.)  Please check your email spam/promotions/junk folder and/or search “Join our online community” for the invitation.

2.)  We may not have your current email on file, so we were unable to send you an email invitation. Please contact us by completing the Realm Support Contact Form by CLICKING HERE so that we can add your email to our database. We will then be able to send you an invitation to join Realm.

I’m new to the parish. How do I register and join Realm?

Welcome! We’re so glad that you have decided to join the parish. Please register as a parishioner using this link https://www.stfrancisraleigh.org/register/ and an invitation to join Realm will be sent once you are added to our database. Please note that this process may take a few business days. 

I need to delete a family member or deactivate my family.

If your family is leaving the parish, moving out of the area, or if your child is now over the age of 26 and/or no longer a member of your household, please email Toni Hammes at Toni.Hammes@stfranciraleigh.org.

I’m having trouble logging in.

Registered parishioners with an email address on file should have received an email invite to Realm. You must first set up an account in Realm by responding to the email invitation.

If you received an invalid login/password message and tried to reset your password by using “forgot password” and  received an “email not found” message, your account hasn’t yet been set up. Look for an invitation to join Realm in your email. The email was sent to the email address that we have on file for you. Click on the link that is provided in the email and follow the instructions to begin setting up your account. There will be a follow-up email that will ask you to verify as well (it’s a 2-step process).

If you have checked your spam/promotions/junk folder and don’t see an invitation, please contact Realm Support so that we can add your email to our database. We will then send you an invitation to join Realm.

I have a new family member (new baby/child), how do they get added in Realm?

Congratulations! Please let our membership office know so we can add your new family member to Realm. CLICK HERE to complete the New Family Member form. The information will be sent to our membership staff, Toni Hammes.  

Can my spouse and I just use one email instead of each having different emails?

Since a Realm account is associated with an email address, an email address can only be used for one person’s profile. You can’t have one email address as the login for two separate accounts. The email address that is associated with the person’s account can be used to login, but both parties must know the email address and password. 

I logged into my Realm account, but I don’t see my contributions.

*While logged into Realm click and go to the Giving Tab on the left column

  • In the center of the page select “Giving”
  • Select the funnel.
  • For Gift Date Range You can select Last year
  • Click the blue filter button
  • Any donations you do through faith direct or envelops will show up

*If you still don’t see anything its possible during the process of setting up your Realm account, you may have created an additional profile for yourself. If you entered a birthday or phone number that is different than the one that we have on file for you, a duplicate account was created and you will not see your giving record since they are associated with the original account. Please CLICK HERE to contact Realm Support.

Click Here to view the FAQ Document for a comprehensive list of questions. If your question isn’t answered in the FAQs, please contact Realm Support by completing the 

Resources for Groups

Resources for Group Leaders

Volunteers are an important part of our church. As a Group Leader, you are a central participant in how we collaborate, communicate and function as a parish community.

Click the links below to access the Group Leader Training Presentation and Video

Please CLICK HERE to view our Group Leader Frequently Asked Questions guide for helpful tips and answers to some questions you may have as a Group Leader.

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