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Engagement and Development
The Office of Engagement and Development finds itself central in the life of all St. Francis of Assisi parishioners and folks discerning becoming a parishioner. Whether you are coming to a welcome event, going through RCIA, trying to figure out how to register to become a parishioner, give of your money, volunteer, getting your children in one of our schools or trying to get in touch with a certain ministry, our office can help you. If you have a question about the church or something involving you and the church, we either deal with it directly or can help get you connected and find the answer to your question. 
Our office works with the church, schools, and ministries (Parish Life/Justice & Peace/Community Life/Liturgical) to help meet parishioners at whatever stage of life they are in and helping them get connected. 
All of us have received gifts and we want to help you use your gifts of time, talent and treasure to serve each other, our community, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. (Click here to visit St. Francis Serves) (Click here to give via FaithDirect)
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BAA totals for our Parish as of Thursday May 19 as reported by the Diocese:

2023 Campaign (5/18/23)                     2022 Campaign (5/19/22)

Goal:                 $473,565                         $509,088

Pledge Total: $424,322   89.6%            $437,550   85.9%

Received Total: $382,003   80.7%        $405,083  79.6%

Participating Families:   1031  18.7%     1017  19.9%

Total Families: 5,500                                5,100

To-Go: $49,243

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