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Showing Others God’s love

Every day the blessings of our lives are signs that God has visited us.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides a way, a way we can show others God’s love, especially for the suffering and the poor.

A neighbor lost her job in early February. Although in the past she had always paid her rent, on time. She quickly got behind on bills as she sought employment. With no income except child support, the bills were quickly piling up. Although SVdP doesn’t pay all the bills, it can provide help. “The mountain she had to climb suddenly doesn’t seem so high,” said Cathy Smith, acting president of SVdP.

Another neighbor was working fulltime as a caregiver and has an adult son who works living with her. Surgery left her temporarily without income and her son’s hours as an Amazon driver were reduced after the Christmas rush. While her son is looking for a second job, she is seeking a better paying job to help get caught up. Again, SVdP was able to help provide some assistance.

St. Vincent DePaul Society can assist those who are in need because of volunteers like the parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi. Besides providing money for rental and utility payment assistance, SVdP is able to refer neighbors to agencies that can also help.

SVdP focuses on providing short term help for families in the area. Most of the cases are the working poor, families who can pay their bills until they get an unexpected situation – a funeral out of town, a car needing service, a sickness–and then they need help making their rent that month. It also provides updated lists of resources – how to get in touch with Legal Aid, where to find other help with utilities, which food banks are in their area, etc. Volunteers at SVdP work closely with individuals in need. If you’d like to help to provide hope and financial assistance, contact Cathy Smith at

If you know someone who needs help, encourage them to call the SVdP helpline at 919-534-4842.