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Young Adults/Adults

Young Adults/Adults

The St. Francis Young Adult Community includes men and women in their 20s and 30s who come together to share with each other, grow in their faith, find fellowship, and serve others. We build community by organizing a variety of social, spiritual and service events throughout the year. Whether single, married, discerning, widowed, divorced, with or without children – everyone can find a home in our community.

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ASSISI SCRIPTURE STUDIES began in 2003 with the intent of offering quality bible study opportunities that are true to Catholic biblical teachings, practical and applicable to everyday life and which reflect Franciscan charisms and spirituality. Assisi The courses offered cater to all levels of understanding–whether you are new to scripture study or have an advanced understanding of the material being presented.  These studies focus on titles from Ascension Press and Little Rock Scripture Study (newly updated materials).  Assisi Scripture Studies offers day and evening courses throughout the year.  Sessions meet once a week for an hour and a half and range in duration from between 5 to 15 weeks.  Each study is led by a knowledgeable facilitator to ensure each participants’ experience is meaningful, informative, non-stressful and enjoyable.  Participants may choose to participate in person or virtually via Zoom.  For more information, contact Rich Zemonek at

LITTLE ROCK SCRIPTURE STUDY – VIRTUAL is an adult co-ed Bible study held via Zoom.  Sessions are scheduled throughout the year and are offered on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  Links to study materials and video lectures are provided to participants prior to each session.  Presenters are video lecturers and religious educators from all over the country who specialize in the subjects being presented.  Study discussions are comprehensive and enlightening and are representative of both clergy and laity men and women. Each session closes with participants’ prayer intentions and The Lord’s Prayer.  Quite often, study participants join together after the final study session for a fellowship lunch at a nearby restaurant. Participants register through Realm and purchase materials directly from Amazon or Liturgical Press.  The trained co-facilitators of these studies are volunteers from our parish who have participated previously in Little Rock Scripture Studies.  Facilitators do not teach or preach on the topics presented, rather they encourage study participants to engage in judgment-free discussions and ensure discussions remain on topic and on time.  Co-Facilitators of the group, who are also active learners in the group are Cindy Cardello,, Barbara Efird, and Diane Rosendahl,

The trained facilitators are volunteers from the parish who have previously participated in Little Rock Scripture Studies. They do not teach, or preach on the topic; rather they engage the participants in judgement free discussions, keeps the discussions on the topic and are the timekeepers. The facilitators, active learners with the group, are Cindy Cardello; Barbara Efird; and Diane Rosendahl



Please join us virtually as we explore “The Eucharist in Scripture,” by Little Rock Scripture Study.  Register now through Realm for Tuesday PM or Wednesday AM sessions which will begin on May 23rd.  Participants purchase study materials directly from Liturgical Press or Amazon.  Facilitators:  Barbara Efird, Cindy Cardello and Diane Rosendahl.  If you have questions or require assistance with registration, please contact Janie Hebert at 919-847-8205, x237 or  

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