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Young Adults

Young Adults

The St. Francis Young Adult Community includes men and women in their 20s and 30s who come together to share with each other, grow in their faith, find fellowship, and serve others. We build community by organizing a variety of social, spiritual and service events throughout the year. Whether single, married, discerning, widowed, divorced, with or without children – everyone can find a home in our community.

For more information contact Beth Gaudette, Director of Parish Life at

Assisi Scripture/Adult Bible Study

All are welcome for adult bible student groups. 

For more information contact 919-847-8205 x 237

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Sign up for the KBL REALM Individual Participants Group

Watching Msgr. Clay’s To Know, To Believe, To Live series but are not part of a small group?

If you’re participating in the Know, Believe, Live series, but are not in a small group, we invite you to join a Realm Group so you can receive updates and communications about the series. Please note: You do not have to join the Realm Group to view the series which will be posted twice a month here.

To join the Group, you must first set up a Realm account. Once you have an account:

1)  Login to Realm on the web or on the Realm Connect app.
2)  Select “Groups” (or “More” and then “Groups” if you’re using the App)
3)  Select “Find Groups”
4)  Select “Formation & Education”
5)  Look for the Group “KBL – Participants Not in a Small Group”
6)  Click the “Request to Join” button and a staff member will add you to the Group!

Need an invitation to join Realm? Click here to request an invitation.

Please contact or with questions about joining the Realm group for non-small group KBL participants. If you have questions about KBL content, please contact Kathy Sales at

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