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Meet our Staff
Trish Adamkowski

Adamkowski, Trish

Coordinator of Human Resources
Mary Arieth

Arleth, Mary

Coordinator of Athletic Programs
Chris Damico

Damico, Chris

Director of Engagement & Development
Martina Dumberger

Dumberger, Martina

Administrative Specialist
Timothy Fasano

Fasano, Tim

Coordinator of Justice and Peace
Marisa Ferrara

Ferrara, Marisa

Coordinator of Elementary Formation & First Sacraments
Beth Gaudette

Gaudette, Beth

Director of Parish Life
Toni Hammes

Hammes, Toni

Contribution Specialist
Janie Herbert

Hebert, Janie

Administrative Assistant
Timothy Hetzel

Hetzel, Tim

Coordinator of Liturgy and Sacraments
Heidi Hobler

Hobler, Heidi

Director, St. Francis Preschool
Shannon Hoffman

Hoffman, Shannon

Administrative Assistant
Andrea Javier

Javier, Andrea

Coordinator, Cross Step Program (Pre-K Faith Formation)
Reji John

John, Reji

Coordinator of Finance for the Schools
Marc Kielty

Kielty, Marc

Director of Facility Operations
Joseph Leone

Leone, Joe

Facilities Manager
Jeanne Caruso Lewin

Lewin, Jeanne

Director of Faith Formation
Rob Neppel

Neppel, Rob

Director of Finance and Planning
Neri Esperanza

Neri, Esperanza

Coordinator of Finance for the Parish
John Pietrzak

Pietrzak, John

Maintenance Technician

Port, Joan

Funeral Coordinator
Diogenes Ruiz

Ruiz, Diogenes

Communications Coordinator
Kathleen Sales

Sales, Kathy

Director of Pastoral Ministries
Stacey Shine x249

Shine, Stacey

Administrative Assistant Pastoral Ministries
Dawn Smith

Smith, Dawn

Principal, The Franciscan School
Trevor Thompson

Thompson, Trevor

Director of Justice and Peace
Maggie Vladyka

Vladyka, Maggie

Administrative Assistant

Wahl, Jim

Director of Liturgy and Music
Ashley Watson

Watson, Ashley

Coordinator of Community Programs
Randy Whitley

Whitley, Randy

Maintenance Technician

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