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Bernie McShane

One of the ministries that Bernie McShane belongs to is Stephen Ministry. This one-on-one ministry works with the individual to resolve the issue they are dealing with. She loves this ministry because you watch a person grow and reach the point where they need to be. “You are a motivator for them,” she says, “which is why one of my Care Receivers called me the ‘gentle nudger.’” Bernie adds, “This ministry is about listening and reflecting on the thoughts of those seeking counsel, helping them move forward. Listening is more important than talking.”

Bernie experienced the ‘Called and Gifted’ program at St. Francis. However, the personal experience with her husband and the outreach of Kathleen Owen, who thought she would be a great Emmaus Minister and Stephen Minister, convinced Bernie these might be the ministries for her. She says, “I experienced the Eucharistic Ministry for the Homebound with my husband, and I knew it was important to him.” That led her to become a Eucharistic Minister for the Homebound and at Mass. She says, “I was drawn to these particular ministries by the ability to work with others and help them.” 

“There was just something about St. Francis of Assisi Parish when my husband and I joined,” she says, “that nobody can explain, but you just feel at home.” She says that even though the Franciscans left, that feeling remains. “The culture just surrounds giving,” says Bernie, “and that’s different from other churches.” She reiterates that the important thing for her to get involved was “Kathleen Owen reaching out to me. If new people had a touchpoint person like her, things would come alive for them.” Fortunately, Stacey Shine, the new Director of Engagement and Development, is the person who is that ‘touchpoint’ at St. Francis! Bernie has worked with Stacey when she volunteers at the church receptionist desk and thinks she will be an excellent resource for those looking to get more involved at St. Francis. Reach out to Stacey and find out how to make an impact!