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A Week at the Inn

A few times a year parishioners from St. Francis head up to St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia, PA for a week of fellowship, encounter, and service. Hear it in their own words:

Having not been to the St. Francis Inn since before Covid, I did not realize how much I missed it until we drove up and got out of our van. It was like visiting an old friend, and indeed, it was great to see several faces I had met on previous visits. It’s difficult to describe the experience of living and working at the Inn for a week, as it is to understand it if you have not been. My husband who went for the first time this year said more than once, “Now I get it.” The work is so fulfilling, the dedication of the staff unbelievable, and the gratitude of the guests heartwarming. The week is over before you know it, and we can’t wait to go again next year.

When Cathy invited me to join her at St. Francis Inn I
was not sure what to expect even after she shared her past
trips with me. What an awesome experience! I felt honored to come help serve others in this way. I am not one that likes meetings and talking about an issue I prefer boots on the ground. That is exactly what happened!
I felt like we as a group fit in as soon as we walked in
SFI. We were put to work on the spot. I must also say
the Staff there are very welcoming and were fun to work with. They know what they are doing and serve the guests at the Inn very well. I did not realize the need was so great and now fully understand the mission.
My best take away was how grateful the people we served were. Most folks thanked us and were happy we were there to help. In short this was my kind of trip and am already looking forward to coming back next year.

Love and peace permeated the people and the space. Serving a meal, working at Marie’s closet, eating dinner at the house across the street with the other volunteers, going to mass, talking with the friars or staff, talking with guests, I always felt loved and peaceful. Everyone worked together to provide love and respect in some small way to all who entered the Inn and those feelings and intentions were shared and felt with everyone.

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