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What on Earth are Interests?

Welcome to St. Francis Serves!

We are so excited that you are here! We want to help you become settled and familiar with this site. An important part of your experience will be “interests.” You indicated these when you joined the site and can edit them any time through your profile. These will help you receive recommendation for service opportunities that correspond with your passions. To help you better understand what each interest represents we have provided this helpful key!

Interests Usage
Advocacy Used when the opportunity pertains to advocating, supporting, or disseminating information regarding a particular social, political, or other topic (always aligning with Catholic Social and Moral Teaching)
Administrative For opportunities with tasks such as computer work, logistics planning, or other clerical tasks (I.e. volunteer receptionist)
Care for Creation Any opportunity with elements reflecting Laudato Si or the Church’s call to care for creation. Either educational or active (i.e. community garden)
Craftsmanship Any opportunity involving unique skills, gifts, or talents. (i.e. woodworking, gardening, baking, crocheting/knitting, etc.) Wide scope
Education/Teaching   Exactly how it sounds. Not necessarily a formal classroom setting. Applies to any age group.
Evangelism Opportunities requiring facilitation, speaking, or writing skills whether in a large/small group or one on one. Includes the ability to articulate one’s faith through words or writing.
Food This is anything that involves food. This can be serving or preparing
Giving/Donation These are opportunities where someone needs to bring or donate an item. Think of opportunities where we need people to bring soda, or cookies, etc.
Hospitality Involves creating a space that is welcoming to others (i.e. serving or setting up for a meal, greeting people at the door, etc.)
Interpersonal Involving direct contact with the individuals benefitting from the service (i.e. serving at a soup kitchen)
Leadership Where the individual is responsible to leading or directing other individuals or details of an event in either planning or execution
Manual Labor Where the work is labor intensive. Think of yard work, sorting at a warehouse, etc. Does not necessarily have to be physically difficult (i.e. garden work)
Missionary One is on the move for this ministry (I.e. mission trips, driving donations, etc.)
Music Singing, playing, etc.
Prayer Opportunities where active prayer is a part of the service (i.e. prayer shawl ministry)
Youth Work Any opportunity involving or benefitting youth