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The power of some good food! by Michelle Harris

I wanted to share a story from when I volunteered recently at Ronald McDonald House.

There are many different groups that come and serve at Ronald McDonald House, and each group creates their own meal for the guests. For our group from St. Francis that meal is always baked chicken, potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, and dessert.

Each day the dinner coordinator tells the families what meal is being served that day. Last time when I showed up, the coordinator told me how excited the families get when they hear “that the church group from St. Francis ” is providing the dinner that night. They really enjoy the nice home cooked meals!

When the families came to get their meals that evening, I had one mother and daughter come who have been there for a few months now. They shared with us how much they enjoy our meals and always look forward to the 3rd Wednesday of the month. That really warmed my heart (and those that were volunteering that night as well)! It feels so good to know you are making a difference in their day. We don’t serve the same way we did pre-Covid, but I know it is all greatly appreciated and something I truly enjoy doing!!