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Oak City Cares– A positive experience for all, in the name of Gods’ love for us all.

We are so blessed to be able to provide a hot, nutritious breakfast to the guests at Oak City Cares 18 times a year.  The three leaders, Jim Caravello, Ann Lassiter, and Suzanne McConnell all divide the leadership duties among those 18 dates.  In our almost two years of working with OCC, we’ve always managed to cover the leadership duties-even if we had to switch and scramble at the last minute.  But this past Sunday, we had a perfect storm-one of us on vacation out of state, and the two remaining with personal, last-minute issues that cropped up that wouldn’t allow us to be at Oak City Cares on Sunday.  It was the perfect storm!

But the Lord always provides!  We sent out a call for help to all the friends of Oak City Cares and Margy O’Keefe stepped up to lead for us.  She took the time to learn what to do, worked with the great volunteers that served the guests, transported all the food many of you donated to Oak City and made sure that the 165+ guests at Oak City had a hot, nutritious meal.  A big THANK YOU to Margy for agreeing to lead this past Sunday!

Margy said this about her experience at Oak City Cares.  “Sunday morning at Oak City was a wonderful experience for all involved. The donors, the volunteers and the guests enjoyed meeting and conversing on a beautiful autumn day. Their gratitude for all that was done for them was overflowing with smiles and joy. All ages of people were served, and our volunteers ranged in age from 76 to 8. It is great to introduce youngsters to the needs and faces of the homeless and to encourage their continued involvement. A positive experience for all, in the name of Gods’ love for us all.”

At Oak City Cares, volunteers share Christ’s love with those in need, but we get so much in return!  Thank you to all who make this possible!