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Bringing some sunshine in the midst of the rain

Jun 1, 2023
by Jim Caravello

I can’t thank everyone enough who (1) volunteered today and (2) who made food / water donations to today’s breakfast. We served on a wet, damp and dreary day! We served 175 today and I have never had more people come up to me and thank us for what we were doing……It rained most of the morning, and very hard at times – and numerous people came through the line just drenched and were so grateful to have a hot meal……Many smiles left us today – all because of YOU…….and THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for helping us serve Oak City Cares….

St Francis has the privilege of providing breakfast to guests of Oak City Cares, a multi-services center to prevent homelessness, on the 2nd Saturday of every other month and on the 4th Sunday (2nd Saturday) of each month. Thank you for your willingness to help!