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2024 Migrant Ministry Season

by MaryLou Holloway

We started the season with a collection of clothing, shoes hats and toiletries in April. The people of St Francis of Assis were incredibly generous and we had 3 very large overflowing cart of various items.

Our Seventh Grade class came to the rescue of the migrant ministry. They organized, sorted and bagged all the items. They then wheeled them over to our holding shed! (Pictures Attached). It was so wonderful to work with them and see them put their skills to work! I am hugely grateful.

Next a wonderful collection of women showed up on a designated day in the parking lot of the church outside our shed. We had already collected brown store bags from both Harris Teeter and Food Lion. We placed empty bags on the tables and filled them with chemical gloves, soap, hats, shampoo, deodorant, shaving equipment and towels. Together we filled 110 bags in the very hot sun!


Next Gilbert, Jennie and I move3d the welcome bags from the shed and loaded both my car and Gilberts car. We drove to all the camps and spoke with lots of the men and gave them the welcome bags. I can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative they were! It is such a great night!

Immediately after that night, Gilbert and Tom took clothing to two of the camps and had what I call a “Macy’s Day” for the men. They got to pick through clothing and chose what they could use!

Now our volunteer drivers all throughout the summer pick the men up at each of the camps and take them to church!

On three Sundays during the summer we also have a fiesta for the men. It is held at the pavilion at Our Lady of the Rosary Church. And once again all the members of our church are so generous in donating food stuffs which we use for the fiesta. Vicky, also a parishioner has cooked for the Migrant men for the last 19 years! So fiesta day includes food, games, distribution of clothing and a wonderful time for all participants.

We invite all our parishioners to join us in making our migrant men who pick all our crops and are here legally to join in the fun!