Join us for an upcoming Welcome Event

All newly registered parishioners are invited to attend a Welcome Event. Meet other new parishioners, connect with new families at the Preschool and The Franciscan School, and learn about the various ministries and programs in our parish community. We’ll also have time for Q & A.

Register for an Upcoming Welcome Event:

Opportunities to Share Your Gifts

For more information about how you can share your gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure, visit our homepage
and select the “Give” menu option, or click one of the buttons below to get started.


Time is the forum in which talents can be shared and enriched.  Volunteering from the beginning of your life in the church and in the world engages all of us on this lifelong journey and will bear fruits beyond our wildest imagining.


Every person here at St. Francis is invited to share their talent.  We believe that by doing so we are evangelizing to both our family here and to the world. When the gift of talent or the Holy Spirit inspired “charism” is given freely and generously, we are each blessed with abounding happiness and peace.


The St. Francis family believes that we must be responsible stewards of all God’s gifts.  We are collaborators and cooperators in an effort to continue the work of Jesus Christ.  Generous sharing of our treasure ensures that our parish and the work we do within our home here and outside the parish walls continues as we seek to create the Kingdom of God in the “right here and now.”

Join Realm, our Parish Ministry Tool

Once we update our database with your information, you’ll receive an email invitation to join our ministry internet tool, Realm. Please respond to the invitation so that you can establish your account. Additional information about Realm can be found on the Realm parish webpage: Realm is used by our parishioners to:
  • Register for upcoming parish events, such as bible studies, summer camps, etc.
  • Engage with ministries that you’re in (called Groups). 
  • Update your contact information, set who can see your information (privacy) and how you want to receive information (notifications)
  • Indicate your serving talents and which ministries you are interested in joining
  • View your current and past contributions
  • Search for and request to join new ministry groups
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