Synod 2021-2023

Pope Francis has called us to SPEAK UP and share your thoughts and experiences about our Catholic faith. There are resources, listening sessions and things you will need to fully participate in this experience. Every voice is important! We have developed this parish communication platform for you have access to everything that is going on in our parish and on the global Synod platform.


The Catholic Community of St Francis
invites YOU
to join us for one of our 
2022 Synod Listening Sessions

The entire Catholic Church is called to participate in the upcoming Synod of Bishops!
Pope Francis is asking
“What is God’s plan for the Church here and now?”

Join us for one of our Synod Listening Sessions.
Listening Sessions at St. Francis will be held: March 17, 24, and April 3

Thursday, March 17th
10:00am–11:30am in Fellowship | 7:00pm – 8:30pm via Zoom  |  7:00pm – 8:30pm in Founders (en Español)
Thursday, March 24th
10:00am-11:30am via Zoom |  7:00pm-8:30pm in Fellowship |  7:00pm–8:30pm via Zoom (en Español)
Sunday, April 3rd
1:30pm – 3:00pm in Fellowship

All are welcome!
Invite family, friends, neighbors.

Please signup by clicking the desired time and location above.

We Need You to HELP!
To ensure that we hear from everyone, we need volunteers to participate as scribes.
You would be responsible for taking notes and capturing every voice accurately – training would be provided – sign up to volunteer. 

If you would like to share your input directly with a Pastoral Council member or if you have questions please email:

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