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A Party Like No Other

A Party Like No Other

by MaryLou Holloway

We celebrated our first fiesta this Sunday. A very special thanks to everyone who donated all kinds of soda, water, chips and fruit and desserts. Together we enjoyed the amazing food prepared by Vicky, Adrianna, and their families.

Gilbert brought much of the clothing gathered from this year’s drive for the men to choose from and it looked like a giant sale at Macys!! We had a raffle and the men received games and bikes. We played bean bag baseball and I still cannot get a home run!

Join us for next month’s fiesta on August 13th when we will play some Bingo with the men! You can sign up now by clicking here:

We also continue to have needs drivers which you can check out here: Please consider giving up a Sunday and driving our men to church. It is a wonderful experience that you will not regret!