Funeral Planning
Planning a funeral mass for a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we will face. That is why we are here to walk with you through the process. To make arrangements for a funeral for your loved one, please call the parish office during office hours Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm. 

When A Loved One Is Ill
During office hours Monday-Friday 9:00a to 4:00pm please call the Director of Parish Life, Beth Gaudette 919-847-8205 x241 if you would like to request a priest visit to receive Anointing of the Sick. After hours or if there is an immediate need for a priest, please leave a message to their direct line. The office of parish life can also arrange Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound to bring communion or provide meals to the family through Caring Casseroles.  

When A Loved One Passes 
The family will make arrangements with a funeral home. This is a list of Local Funeral Homes St. Francis most frequently coordinate with – Click here

Please call the Funeral Ministry at 919-847-8205 x241 leave a message with information about your loved one and your contact information. A member of our team will be in touch within the next business day.   

Funeral Planning Resources  

  • Scheduling: Contact the Funeral Ministry at 919-847-8205 x241 who will assist in the coordination with the priest, Church, and funeral home to set a date and a time for the service.
    Funeral Service are offered: Tuesday – Friday 11am, 1pm, or 3:30pm or Saturday at 11 am or 1pm based on space and priest availability.
  • Planning Form: please fill out the Funeral Planning form (Click here) as much as the family is able using the following documents:
    • Funeral Readings 
      • If the funeral mass is NOT during Easter Season, the first reading is from the Old Testament – Click Here
      • If the funeral mass is during Easter Season, the first reading is from the New Testament –  Click Here
      • The second reading is chosen from the New Testament – Click Here
      • The Gospel is chosen from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – Click Here
    • Funeral Music – Click Here
  • Emmaus Ministers: Once the service time is set, an Emmaus Minister will contact the family. An Emmaus Minster are volunteers who are trained to work with those who are grieving and help them in the time between a loved one’s death and the funeral. The family and Emmaus Minster will plan the service together.
  •  Words of Remembrance: One family member can provide the words of remembrance, a short eulogy, that should be 500 words. A copy of the words of remembrance is required to be sent to the Director of Parish Life Beth Gaudette at 48 hours before the service.
  • Presider Sheet: The Emmaus Minister will provide a presider sheet which is needed at least 48 hours before the serviceThe information provided in this document allows the presider to become more familiar with the family.

Planning The Funeral Mass 

  • Music: St. Francis provides sacred music at the liturgy. We ask the family to pay a $125 fee for the musicians in the thanksgiving for their time and preparation. 
  • Worship Aid: St. Francis will provide a worship aid designed by a staff member. If the family would like a picture on the front of the worship aid, please send it to 
  • Family members: Family members can participate during the mass as readers, bringing up the gifts during the offertory hymn, and as a Eucharistic Ministers if they are trained. St. Francis can also provide assistance with these roles if needed.
  • Visitations: St. Francis provides the option of a visitation in the parlor one hour before the service for family and friends to gather. 

Columbarium and Memorial Garden

The St. Francis of Assisi Memorial Garden is a place of great faith, a place of tender rest, and a gathering place for parish celebration.

For more information about the Memorial Garden and Columbarium click here, or to purchase a niche or plaque, please contact Trish Adamkowski, 847-8205 x 236.

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