Weekly Mass/Prayer Requests

St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh

Prayer Requests for June 19 to June 27

Mass Intentions

Saturday June 19, 2021
Saturday, 5:30
+ Ina Robinson
Requested by Vanessa Fleischmann

Sunday June 20, 2021

Sunday, 9:30
+ Carle Cayton Sr.
Requested by Pamela Cayton

Sunday, 5:30
For the Parishioners of St. Francis
Monday, June 21, 9AM
+ Robert George
Requested by Richard & Alma Hammer

Tuesday, June 22, 9AM
+Eileen O’Sullivan
Requested by Patricia O’Sullivan

Wednesday, June 23, 9AM
Blessed Mother 40th Anniversary in Medjugorje
Requested by Patricia O’Sullivan

Thursday, June 24, 9AM
(ill) Isela Munoz Martinez
Requested by Martha Franco Martinez

Friday, June 25, 9AM
+ Rebecca Conti-Cole
Requested by Richard & Alma Hammer

 Prayers of the Faithful

 (ill) Daniel Maldonado
Requested by Msgr. Clay

+ James Welsh
Requested by Sales Family

+ Sam Zappia
Requested by Sales Family

Recent Death
+ David Pesapane
Requested by daughter Lori Parsons

+Raymond Stachewicz
Requested by Elizabeth Stachewicz

+ Jack Finley
Requested by husband Billy Grayson

We raise up in prayer all requests listed for silent prayers and the Prayer Line

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