Weekly Mass/Prayer Requests

St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh

Prayer Request for
April 3 to April 11

Mass Intentions

Saturday, April 3 8:15PM
Easter Vigil
+ Patrick Magee
Requested by Kathy Magee
requested 7-9-2020

Sunday, April 4, 2021: 7:00AM
Easter Sunday
+ Frances Reamer
requested by Stephen Ministry

Sunday, 9:30AM
Linda Carr
Requested by her husband John Carr

Sunday, 12:00 Noon
For the Parishioners of St. Francis

Monday April 5, 10AM
+ John Nosti
Requested by Joanne Jinks

Tuesday April 6, 10AM
+ Harold Johnson
Requested by Ruth Johnson

Wednesday April 7, 10AM
+ Carmela Legio (Le (short e sound) g o )
requested by Nina Flanagan

Thursday April 8, 10AM
+ Reynaldo Bitong
Requested by Emma Dempsey

Friday April 9, 10AM
+ Rick Beller
Requested by Niamh Crotty

Prayers of the Faithful

+ Mary Lou O’Leary
Requested by Colleen O’Leary

Daniel Maldonado
Requested by Msgr. Clay

+ Michele Santoro (Me kella la Santoro)
Requested by Jackie Adamo

+Alicia “CeCe” Taylor

We raise up in prayer all requests listed for silent prayers and the Prayer Line

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