Weekly Mass/Prayer Requests

St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh

Prayer Request for
January 16 to 24

Mass Intentions

Saturday January 16, 2021
Saturday, 5:30
+ Marie Beller O’Connell
Requested by Mary Ellen Lyons

Sunday January 17, 2021
Sunday, 9:30
+ Robert Steinberger
Requested by Rich Yeager

Sunday, 5:30
For the Parishioners of St. Francis

Monday January 18, 10AM
+ Carle Cayton Sr.
Requested by Pamela Cayton

Tuesday January 19, 10AM
+ Violet Margaret Godfrey
Requested by Adena DiTonno

Wednesday January 20, 10AM
+ Philip Carnevale
Requested by Philip & Renate Carnevale

Thursday January 21, 10AM
+ Mary Popke
Requested by Loretta Popke

Friday January 22, 10AM
+Erica Grothaus
Requested by Msgr. Clay

Saturday January 23, 2021
Saturday, 5:30
+ Elaine Denmen
Requested by Gretchen Wilson

Sunday January 24, 2021
Sunday, 9:30
+ Bill Martin
Requested by Dianne Fodell

Sunday, 5:30
For the Parishioners of St. Francis

Prayers of the Faithful

+ Margy Fuchs
Requested by Sig Fuchs

+ Lucy Coleman
Requested by Lisa Austin

Virginia Dean (Ill)
Requested by her daughter
Megan Osorio

+ Sara DeFusco
Requested by Colleen Hudak-Wise

+ Maureen Trembley
Our Parishioner

+Frank Budion
Requested by Kathleen Owen

+Pearl Airoldi
Wife of Richard Airoldi

We raise up in prayer all requests listed for silent prayers and the Prayer Line

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