Weekly Mass/Prayer Requests

St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh

Prayer Requests for October 23 to October 31

Mass Intentions

Saturday October 23, 2021
Saturday, 5:30
+ John Schreiner
Requested by Mark Schreiner

Sunday October 24, 2021
Sunday, 7:15
+Eugene Schmidt
Requested by Bonnie Wisler

Sunday, 9:00
Frances Reamer
Requested by Marc Kielty

Sunday, 5:30
For the Parishioners of St. Francis

Monday October 25, 9am
+Mary Nelson
Requested by Slavizza Hendricks

Tuesday October 26, 9am
+Howard Sales
Requested by Doug and Kathy Sales

Wednesday October 27, 9am
+Eunice Burke
Requested by Madeline Horrigan

Thursday October 28, 9am
+Ken Kowalski
Requested by Kathy Sales

Friday October 29, 9am
+Joseph Hayes
Requested by Nancy & Jim Falang

Saturday October 30, 2021
Saturday, 5:30
+Eileen Roth
Requested by Mia Batz

Sunday October 31, 2021
Sunday, 7:15
+Charles Tramo
Requested by Ronald & Joan Smith

Sunday, 9:00
+ Duane Aney
Requested by McCanta Family

Sunday, 11:45
+Ron Doggett
Requested by Kathryn and Mark Doggett

Sunday, 5:30
For the Parishioners of St. Francis

Prayers of the Faithful

(ill) Daniel Maldonado
Requested by Msgr. Clay
Heath & Wellness

 +Maria Ana Caldeira Gomes
Requested by Maria Nicholas

+Anni Kramer
Mother of Peter Kramer

 +Barbra Sheena Moffatt
Sister of Joanne Johnson

+Antony Tam
Brother of Carlos Tam

We raise up in prayer all requests listed for silent prayers and the Prayer Line

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