The Way of Francis

A personal journey of discovering how to live the gift of our lives with gratitude to the Lord

What to Expect on this Pilgrimage The first step and foundation of this pilgrimage  is the recognition that we serve an abundant  God who has given us this life as a  gift… given us all that we are and all that we  have.

If we truly believe this, how then do we respond? That is the question for this journey…  With a heart of gratitude and eyes opened to God’s leading, you will find that following  in the footsteps of Francis and Clare is a  beautiful and intentional way to look for  God’s gifts and to answer Christ’s invitation to “Follow Me”.

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This pilgrimage is a personal journey that will challenge you to:

  • View all that you are and all that you have as gifts from God.
  • Reflect on how you are caring for the gifts God has entrusted to you.
  • Grow in your desire to…

Receive God’s gifts gratefully. Cherish and tend them responsibly. Share them in justice and love. Return them with increase to the Lord.

Where you will Travel: Stops along The Way The Way of Francis is designed with eight “Stops along The Way” that are a focused way of growing in Christ and listening for His call. As you try new experiences, attend selected events, and explore helpful resources, you will discover ways to live your life with richness of purpose and fullness of gratitude.

1. Invitation – Begin your journey with a desire to view all that you are and all that you have as gifts from God.

2. Prayer – Cherish the gift of Christ’s presence by enriching the ways you converse with our Lord… in silence, in Scripture, in nature, in song.

3. Purpose – Honor the gift of your unique design by keeping God’s purpose for you, keeping things simple, and keeping well for the journey.

4. Spiritual Gifts – Discern the gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit and find fulfillment through using those gifts to serve others.

5. Treasure – Align the gift of your financial resources with your heart to ensure that your investments support your values.

6. Relationships – Nurture the gift of family and friends by fully understanding and living Jesus’ call to love one another.

7. Justice & Peace – Tend to the gift of our world and all life by hearing God’s call to care for Creation and the least among us.

8. Eucharist – Gratefully receive the gift of the presence of Christ and remember who you are and whose you are so that, refreshed, you may journey on.

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