Thank you for updating your information.
Congratulations to all our winners.

(Prizes can be picked up at the Welcome Center
after Mass or any other time during working hours.
Please pick up your prize before March 2.)

Perry Adams
Yvonne Anderson
Lauren Binanay (prize available after Feb 20)
Lorraine Burquist
Jim Carr
Christine Croteau-Sapp
Rosemary Czejkowski
Daniel Daly
Michael DeCocco
Timothy Dyer
Jim & Nancy Falanga
Laura Fuhrman
Carol Gagnon
Nancy Hagan
John Lagonigro
Renee Lanci
William Laxton
Valeria MacNabb
James McCarthy (prize available after Feb 20)
Patricia  Merlin
John Moster
John Pia
Jim Piper
Mary Ellen Potanovic
Kelly Riely
Gretchen Solomon
Susan Stamey
Stephanie Wallin (prize available after Feb 20)
Richard White
James Woodburn

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