Trivia Answers 2015

How well did you know St Francis Trivia? Answers

  1. Fr. David McBriar was the first friar assigned to our parish, but Fr. Bob Hudak was here quite often before that time.
  2. We currently have fourteen buildings on our grounds. The Sanctuary/Anthony Hall, Clare Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Thea Hall, Jacoba Hall, Juniper Hall, Bonaventure Hall, The Siena Center, Assisi Community Center, St. Mary of the Angels Chapel, San Damiano House, La Verna House, Grieccio complex (newly purchased Bethany Baptist Church) and the friary.
  3. Our first Parish Picnic was held on the parish grounds where Elizabeth Hall is located.
  4. Fr. Mark Reamer served in a war in the Middle East.
  5. The structure depicted in our parish logo is called the “lantern”.
  6. Our first Director of our Preschool is Nancy Bourke.
  7. Our interior cross is designed after a resurrection cross, symbolizing the risen Lord.
  8. Fr. David McBriar was originally trained as an engineer.
  9. Our fourth and current principal of The Franciscan School is Jennifer Bigelow.
  10. Four buildings have received special environmental LEEDS awards for their construction. They are Elizabeth Hall, Assisi Community Center, St. Mary of the Angels Chapel and Siena Center.
  11. Fr. James English was a Jesuit priest appointed by Bishop Joseph Gossman as our founding pastor.
  12. Adult Basketball was started before Youth Basketball.
  13. Our current church was designed after a barn.
  14. Our friars belong to Franciscan province of Holy Name Province.
  15. Our church is designed to hold 1250 people.
  16. We celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi in the first week of October.
  17. Fr. Bill McConville has won a weight-lifting competition.
  18. Barbara Polston was the first principal at The Franciscan School.
  19. Our school mascot is Gubio, the Wolf. According to legend, Francis of Assisi tamed a wolf that had been terrorizing the town of Gubio, Italy.
  20. The original church held between 400 – 500 people?
  21. Our altar, baptismal font, ambo and presider’s bench are made of granite.
  22. The original purpose of Elizabeth Hall was the parish office.
  23. Marc Kielty, Director of Parish Operations, was with the Raleigh police department prior to working at St. Francis.
  24. The Leone Family is the parish family that has had four members working for St. Francis at the same time. Marie, Christine, Fran, Michelle and Joe, all have worked for the parish but only four at a time.
  25. Women’s Network was established before the Men’s Ministry.
  26. Pat Kowite, Coordinator of Finance and Administration, has worked at our parish for the greatest length of time.
  27. Passage Home was our first ecumenical ministry established by laity of our parish.
  28. The mosaics beside the doors of St. Mary’s Chapel depict St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi.
  29. Our 5th pastor and current pastor is Fr. Steve Patti.
  30. Our original baptismal font was a tree stump founded in a farm by Father English.
  31. Our church altar is modeled after the altar in the lower church of the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi.
  32. Our current sanctuary was dedicated on June 16, 1996.
  33. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of our parish. Shame on you if you didn’t get this one!!