Together Living with Cancer 

Christian perspectives and resources for living with cancer

“It’s cancer.”

To many people hear these words, and these words sound like a death sentence.
But, as the many millions of people who have cancer are discovering, these words represent the beginning of a whole new way of life.

TLC is a new cancer support ministry here at St. Francis

This ministry brings people together who are going through the struggles and changes cancer brings.
Here they can meet with others who share in the journey and know they are not alone.
They can talk about their needs and feelings in relation to cancer, and the challenges of living with cancer.
They discover hope, find support, love and friendship.
As a result, the quality of life, and who knows, perhaps even the quantity of life, is increased.

TLC is not a therapy group or a place to be educated by experts in the field of cancer.

It is a support group/ministry

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    Barbara Milligan’s book
    Desperate HOPE

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    For more information about this program and resources:

      Together living with cancer

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