Time is the forum in which talents can be shared and enriched.  Volunteering from the beginning of your life in the church and in the world engages all of us on this lifelong journey and will bear fruits beyond our wildest imagining.

Advocacy Task ForceTrevor Thompson – 919-847-8205 x270
Provides parish leadership for political advocacy in light our faith and our call to faithful citizenship


Al-Anon – Madeline Horrigan – madelinevhorrigan@icloud.com
Al-Anon has but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps, by welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.
They meet Sunday nights after 5:30 Mass


AA MeditationMaureen Warner-  Maureen@mjdavis.org
AA Meditation is a fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem.
It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere.
They meet Monday to Friday at 7am at LaVerna – the log cabin.


Altar Servers and ThurifersTim Hetzel 919-847-8205×244
Help the Presider and Congregation at large celebrate the Mass.


Always Gods Children(AGC) – Chuck Small – 919-859-4889
This is a program, named after the U.S. Bishops’ 1998 pastoral letter “Always Our Children”, provides a confidential setting for persons who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender), their family, and their friends, in which we share our experiences and concerns.


Alzheimer’s Dementia Caregivers – Linda Tucker – 919-900-8280 
Reaching out to both, those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related dementia, and to their caregivers.
Providing information on local resources and offering a safe place to share common experiences.


Assisi Cafe VolunteersAshley Watson – 919-847-8205×444
Volunteer to work in the Assisi Café during weekdays mornings, Sundays after mass, and Saturday concessions.


Baptism PreparationTim Hetzel 919-847-8205×244
Meeting with and preparing our families with infants and children to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism through a once-a-month preparation session.


Basketball High School – Mary Arleth– 919-847-8205 ext. 358
High School Girls and Boys parish basketball league play during the months of Feb – May. Registration begins in January.


Basketball Summer Adult – Mary Arleth– 919-847-8205 ext. 358
Adult Over 18 League play during June and July on weekends only.  Registration begins in April.


Basketball Youth – Mary Arleth– 919-847-8205 ext. 358
Girl and Boy youth league play during the months of Oct – Jan.  Registration begins in August.


Blood Drive – Bryan Kozak  910-728-9200
Knights of Columbus and American Red Cross bi-annual Blood Drives.


Brown Bag MinistryTricia and Randy Downs, Laura and Rick Marino, Hope McFarland, Meg Mercer, Lori and Dale ZagibaPrepares and distributes brown bag lunches every Saturday to a low-income senior apartment complex in Durham. The ministry allows all ages to participate. Families/Groups pack lunches together, experience brief communal prayer, and have face-to-face contact with people in need.


Camp FrancisAshley Watson – 919-847-8205×444
Summer camp program for school age youth.  Offering over 100 camp opportunities.  Registration begins in January.


Cancer Companions/Seeing Good in Your Cancer Journey Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241
Reach out and support those who are dealing with cancer.


Care and Wellness Ministries – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241


Care for Creation Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Answers the call of St. Francis to be faithful stewards of God’s creation by advocating on behalf of the environment and supporting educational activities.


Caregivers via the Center for Volunteer Caregiving – 919-460-0567
Offers several types of help: respite visits so that primary caregivers can take a break, transportation to the grocery store and
to medical appointments.  Consider sharing your time with others. Volunteer according to your schedule.


Caring Casseroles – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205 x241
Volunteers bring freezer ready casseroles to the Feed the Need refrigerator on the first weekend of each month. Meals are used to help those dealing with life’s challenges.


Catholic Parish Outreach – 919-873-0245, Sue Hand 919-846-7954
Serves the needs of people facing difficult financial times by providing food and children’s and maternity clothing.


Centering Prayer – Alice Stanford – 919-781-5860
Silent prayer followed by reading and discussion of spiritual materials.


CLOW (Children’s Liturgy of the Word)Jackie Kelly – 919-896-6297
A celebration of the Liturgy of the Word that is designed for children ages 4-6 years


Church Keeping – Beverly Saunders – 919-846-5795
Volunteers help maintain the worship space, Holy Water fonts, altar, linens, and other liturgical items.


Collection CountersRob Neppel 919-847-8205×243
This behind-the-scenes ministry strives to accurately process and record donations so the Parish can be good stewards of contributions received.


Columbarium and Memorial Plaques – Trish Adamkowski – 919-847-8205×473


Community Center Programs Ashley Watson – 919-847-8205×444
Programs and classes offered in the Assisi Community Center throughout the school year.  Fitness classes and Parent/Child classes.


Community Garden – Pat and Paul Kelly – 919-413-8833
Tends a garden on parish grounds and grows vegetables primarily for donation to the hungry in our community through Inter-Faith Food.


Confirmation Preparation – Jonathan Vanegas-Calderon – 919-847-8205 x238
Confirmation is a sacrament of mature Christian commitment and  a deepening of baptismal gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is a Sacrament of  Initiation and of faith in God’s fidelity to us. Our regular parish program is a two-year process that may begin with entrance to 8th grade.


Consolation and Care – Celesta Carlson – 919-818-4122
Sends cards to parishioners grieving the death of a loved one and they conducts four evening prayer services a year


Cross BearersJoseph Randazzo
Carry the Crucifix into and out of the Church at Mass and special Liturgies.


Cub Scouts – Kyle Berner
Organizing the Cub Scout Pack that meets at St Francis.


Curbside Care –  Ian Feeley – ian.feeley@gmail.com
Collects items and provides care packages for distribution among the poor


Divorce CareWilliam Morgan – dejanuts@yahoo.com
A friendly caring group of people who will walk along side you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.


Duke Children’s Hospital – Joe and Geanie Slifer – 919-870-6993
Celebrates seasonal parties with children and families experiencing compromised health situations


Emmaus Ministers Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205 x241
Assists parishioners in dealing with the death of a loved one by helping them with funeral preparations and “walking” with them in their time of sorrow.


Environment & Art – Theresa Baumgartner – 919-848-3383
Dresses the worship space based on the liturgical season, which helps parishioners connect more closely with the message of the Gospel.


Eucharistic Ministers at Mass– Tim Hetzel 919-847-8205 x230
Lay persons who administer the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to the congregation at each Mass when there is a shortage of priests and deacons to assist the celebrant.


Traveling Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers, also called (EM’s) bring the Holy Eucharist to those who cannot attend Sunday liturgies at

St. Francis: the homebound, hospitalized and residents of retirement communities and nursing homes such as

EM to AbbotswoodAnita Misko– 919-294-6456

EM to the Homebound
Melanie Fraites – 407-718-3537

EM to Magnolia GlennJacob House – 919-360-9611

EM to the MeadowsAndrea McVerry – 919-846-2056

EM to Rex Hospital – Edward Gilmartin – edward.gilmartin@gmail.com

EM to Springmoor – Janice Horner 484-949-1417


Faith Formation – Jonathan Vanegas-Cakderon – 919-847-8205 x238
Our Cross Walk (grades K-5), Cross Train (grades 6-8) and Cross Road (grades 9-12) programs are group-based faith formation programs for our elementary school, middle school and high school-aged children. The programs are centered on the Mass, offering food and fellowship, in a fun, safe environment, with offerings to fit your family’s busy schedule!


Family Promise – Ron Smith – 919-455-7786
Family Promise Ministry  also known as Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network (WIHN)  – Every year we host homeless families at St. Francis for a week at a time, 3 weeks out of the year. Opportunities to serve include bringing food items, sharing a meal, being an overnight host, providing childcare, and serving as a driver. This is a perfect opportunity to “welcome the stranger” in our community and live out one of the corporal works of mercy.


Feed the Need – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205×241
Help provide cooked meals to families in our parish who are adjusting to life’s challenges. Sign up for a date that works for you.


Feeding Calendar –  Becky Cawley at 919-847-8205 or Kathleen Owen at 919-847-8205
If “feeding the hungry” is one of your favorite corporeal works of mercy, check out our feeding calendar for information about upcoming opportunities. 


First Reconciliation & Eucharist Preparation –  Jonathan Vanegas-Calderon – 919-847-8205 x238
First Reconciliation is traditionally celebrated when the children reach the age of reason, which traditionally is seven years old. The sacrament is celebrated in late Fall at a communal Reconciliation service with families present. First Eucharist is celebrated in the spring at our weekend Masses with our community.


Food Drives – Becky Cawley – 919-847-8205×267 or becky.cawley@stfrancisraleigh.org
Every year we host 2 food drives to stock the food pantry for Our Lady of the Rosary parish in rural North Carolina.


FrancisFest: – Ashley Watson – 919-847-8205×444
Annual parish wide event celebrating our patron Saint by welcoming the entire community for a day of fellowship. Event held the first Sunday in October. Event planning team begins in April.


Funeral Ministers – Lisa Gianturco – 919-845-9718
Assist the Friar during a funeral, and greet guest who attend a funeral.


Gabriel Project – Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Offers emotional and practical support to women with unexpected pregnancies.


Girl Scouts – Ashley Watson, 919-847-8205×444
Organizing all Girl Scout troops that meet at St Francis.


Good Grief – Bereavement Support – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241
A 7 week program for those experiencing loss of a loved one


GriefShare – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241
This ministry gives you the opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling.  You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being stuck in grief and that you do not need to live in bondage to certain emotions.  You will learn valuable information about facing your new normal in life and renewing your hope for the future.


Gym Nights Open Play – Mary Arleth 919-847-8205×358
Ministry leader led open play in the Assisi Community Center each week night. See website for membership information and  leader contact information for each night.


HIV/AIDS Care Team – Tom Zimmerman – 919-870-1379
Provides compassionate care to those in our community suffering with HIV/AIDS in partnership with Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina


Hospitality Hands – Kathy Sales 919-847-8205×488, kathy.sales@stfrancisraleigh.org
Serves Coffee and Donuts after morning masses in Fellowship Hall to enable our community to simply be with each other in fellowship.


Inter-Faith Food Shuttle – 919-250-0043, Suzanne Szymendera – 919-845-4885


International Mission – Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Takes parishioners to other parts of the world to experience different ways of living and expressing faith. These are transformational opportunities to encounter God’s mercy in the other cultures and peoples. We are planning on trips to Honduras, Guatemala, and others.


Job Connections – Mary Horner – 610-755-5392 http://www.stfrancisraleigh.com/job-connections/
We are an instruction and support ministry that provides encouragement, information, networking, coaching, spiritual guidance, and job search skills training in a Catholic Christian setting.


Jobs for LifeEllen Ferrone
This is an employment ministry where unemployed and underemployed men and women, many of whom are homeless, come seeking training, mentoring and coaching to help them find meaningful work. We serve on Mondays.  This is a brand new opportunity in partnership with a transformational organization of Jobs for Life.


JustFaith and other Social Justice Formation Events – Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Offers educational programs, films, guest speakers, and event throughout the year on a variety of social justice topics


Justice Theater Project – Deb Royals-Mizerk – 919-272-1551
Engages a variety of social justice topics by offering several dramatic productions a year


Knights Of Columbus – Contact: gk@kofc9709.com for any membership inquires


LaVerna Al-Anon – Helping by giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.
We meet every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. in the LaVerna center (the log cabin across from the Chapel).  Enter through the garage.
For resources, (Click here)


Lectors – Mike Wrzesien, Shawn Bayle – 919-624-1592
Proclaim the Word of God on weekends, Holy Days, and special Liturgies.


LGBT MinistryBeth Gaudette 847-8205×241


LGBT Support Group –Beth Gaudette 847-8205×241


Liturgical Ministry Mailbox –


Marriage Preparation Team Tim Hetzel 919-847-8205×244
Meeting with and preparing our engaged couples to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony through information sessions and sharing from our experiences of marriage.


Mass and Mingle Beth Gaudette 919-847-8205 x241
This ministry is for individuals who have lost a loved one and who would like to meet new people, attend Mass in a group setting and gather afterwards and/or during the week for social time.


Master of CeremoniesMichael and Julie Ducatte
Responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of the Liturgy and make sure Mass runs smoothly.


Medical Facility Visitation – Beth Gaudette at 919-847-8205 x241
Provides friendly visits to parishioners in area hospitals and care facilities.


Medical Presence @ Mass – Beth Gaudette at 919-847-8205 x241
Parishioners who are medical professionals identify themselves to the head usher and wear name tags.
In the event of a medical event during Mass, they can be easily identified as someone who can help.


Mental Health and Wellness – Beth Gaudette at 919-847-8205×241
Addressing the stigma associated with Mental Illness, offering support and bringing awareness, resources, education and offering a better understanding of Mental Illness.  Mental illness is a medical condition not a weakness.


Men’s Ministry – The cornerstone of the ministry is the monthly breakfast meetings that provide a frequent way for men to come together in prayer and fellowship. The Men’s Ministry provides a safe haven for men to meet other Christian men for friendship, advice, the sharing of our journey through life, and a smooth transition for involvement in other activities with the St. Francis Community.


Migrant Ministry – Bruce Cartier – 919-855-9909, bcartier7@gmail.com
Connects with migrant workers at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, in Louisburg, N.C., in summer by driving them to Mass on Sundays and serving monthly “fiesta” meals.


Mom’s Imitate Mary – Sarah Ruiz – sgrunder.ruiz@gmail.com (or) Krystal Beaumont – kbeaumont417@gmail.com
Prayer, fellowship, and support for moms.


Music Ministry Joyce Petzka
We are all called to musical ministry in the liturgy by participating in the songs and hymns of the Mass. However, some people have received the gift of musical leadership and this is best served by participating as a singer or instrumentalist.


New Parishioner Contact Toni Hammes – 919-847-8205×265
Want to register for the parish, please visit www.stfrancisraleigh.org/join.


Oak City Outreach Center – Donna Mariani – 919-326-3768
Prepares a meal regularly for individuals experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity in downtown Raleigh.


On Purpose Peace  – Beth Gaudette at 919-847-8205×241
Is a small Christian Community guide to understanding that you have a purpose and are essential to God’s plan. Discover your two word purpose statement, “I exist to serve God by _______”


Passage Home – Peg Cavender 919-985-5950
Offers opportunities to build relationships with people living in low-income neighborhoods in Raleigh.


Panera Pickup Ministry – Becky Cawley 919-847-8205×267 or becky.cawley@stfrancisraleigh.org
Every Monday evening at the Briar Creek Panera Bread location we pick up the left over breads and pastries and the next day we deliver these beautiful treats to the Morehead Hills Senior Apartments complex in Durham.
For our St. Francis Feed calendar with a list of opportunities go to https://www.stfrancisraleigh.org/st-francis-feeds-calendar/

Parish Community Events
 – Ashley Watson – 919-847-8205×444

Social event planning for the parish community including FrancisFest, Stations & Supper, Jamboree, and others.


Parking Ministry – Steve Burdett – 919-845-2714
Welcome all vehicular participants to and from St. Francis property and ensure safe passage to and from their vehicles.


Play and Pray – Tara Moore  919-847-8205×289
Faith Formation nursery for children ages 1-4 during the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses.


Prayer Line – Beth Gaudette 919-847-8205×241
Volunteers prays for the intentions of parishioners.


Prayer Shawl Ministry –  Cindy Cardello 919-846-8825, Donna Quirk 919-847-2084
Makes shawls as expression of our community’s care and concern for those struggling with difficulties in life.


Prison Pen PalTrevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
For many years, our Prison Pen Pal Ministry has been reaching out to prisoners living on North Carolina’s death row. These prisoners are isolated and often estranged from family. Members of our ministry write to prisoners who have requested letters. Often we are their only link to the outside world. The number of inmates requesting letters has far exceeded our pen pals and we are actively seeking parishioners to join us. Pen pals commit to giving correspondence a try for six months but otherwise you determine how often to write.


Project Rachel projectrachel@nc.rr.com – 919-852-1021
A Catholic community program that aims to provide hope and healing after abortion.


Racial Awareness and Religious Exchange (RARE) – Tom Zimmerman at 870-1379
Promotes interracial and interfaith dialogue and understanding through prayer and discussion with members of Baptist Grove Church.


Refugee ResettlementAggie Dalton
We have joyfully and successfully resettled our first family, but there is always more to do! We will continue to support the Omari family and help them transition to life in Raleigh.


Rite of Christian Initiation Adults RCIA@stfrancisraleigh.org
A process of discernment for adults who seek initiation and full communion with the Catholic Church.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, adapted for Children RCIA@stfrancisraleigh.org
A process of discernment for those who are between the ages of 7 and 17 and seek initiation and full communion with the Catholic Church.


Ronald McDonald House – Julie and Jason Huckaby – 919-624-5065
St. Francis parishioners prepare and serve dinner to families with sick children at the Ronald McDonald House on the third Wednesday of every month. Parishioners also purchase and deliver to the church the groceries needed to make the meal. Will you join us? Together we make a difference for these families.


Rosary MinistryBarbi Tapernek at 919-954-3370
Promotes devotion to the Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary.

Scouts BSA
Robert Sadler (BoyTroop) & Scott Cash (Girl Troop)
Scouts BSA (Girls or Boys) for youth 11-17 years old.  Troop 352 (boy troop) and Troop 219 (girl troop) Meet at St. Francis of Assisi


Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey – Beth Gaudette at  919-847-8205×241
Cancer can lead to frustration and questions as you try to make sense of your struggle.

This 9 week book/video bible study that leads you through scriptures to explore how the Christian faith can support you on your cancer journey.


SFA AAMEN Ministry – Leon Cooke – 919-740-7515
The African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Network provides support and ministry for our African-American and African-descent parishioners and communities.


Sister Parish Guatemala – Carie Gunnells
Sends delegations of parishioners to the village of Las Margaritas II in Guatemala (Central America) to deepen our mutual understanding and open our hearts to our Mayan brothers and sisters.


Special Needs – Beth Gaudette at 919-847-8205×241
Reaches out to parents/caregivers of special needs children and adults, offering support and encouragement for the journey.


St Francis 50+ Adults Group – Pat Gerney 919-803-8276
An organization formed to provide opportunities for social, spiritual, charitable services, and educational opportunities for the benefit of its members, as well as the parish and Wake County community. Membership is open to persons 50 years or older who attend the St. Francis parish, or reside in Wake County and surrounding areas.  Monthly potlucks and Monthly game days are open to all members.


St Francis Builds – Diane and Bob Steinbeiser – 919-846-8026
Offers St. Francis workdays to work alongside other parishioners in building homes for the homeless.


St. Francis Feeds Calendar– Becky Cawley 919-847-8205×267 or Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241
If “feeding the hungry” is one of your favorite corporeal works of mercy, then this is the place to get all your information about upcoming opportunities through our parish ministries. We have opportunities where you can serve with your families, as a group, or individually. Some opportunities request donated non-perishable food; others prepare casseroles. Some package food for delivery; others deliver and serve food. You can serve on the weekday evenings, weekends, for a whole week at a time, or as it works with your schedule. We have opportunities for everyone!  For more information go to https://www.stfrancisraleigh.org/st-francis-feeds-calendar/ 


St. Francis Inn, Philadelphia – John Budway – 305-205-5104
St. Francis Inn is a Franciscan Eucharistic community called to minister to the poor and homeless of Philadelphia. Delegations of six to eight parishioners from our parish travel to Philadelphia a few times each year to participate in this community. Delegates serve at the Inn from Monday through Friday, typically departing from Raleigh on a Sunday and returning the following Saturday


St Francis Preschool –  Dawn Eagan, Director   919-847-8205 x240
As a ministry of St. Francis, ee are a Catholic preschool offering a variety of classes for children ages 2 through young 5. We provide a structured curriculum beginning at age 2, with specials in Music & Movement, Spanish, Science & Math, and Service. We are validated by The Diocese of Raleigh and accredited by AdvancED. We provide an intimate teacher to student ratio, promote active parent involvement, and provide faith formation opportunities.

St. Vincent de PaulHelp Line – 919-534-4842
Provides compassionate care and assistance to individuals experiencing a financial emergency.
Call the help line for more information and/or assistance.


Stephen MinistryBeth Gaudette – 919-847-8204×241
Stephen ministers are members of our congregation who receive special training to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community experiencing challenges in life: grief; loneliness; divorce; hospitalization; disability; job loss; and many other life difficulties. Learn how to become a Stephen Minister or receive care from one.


Stewardship – Kathy Sales 919-847-8205×488, kathy.sales@stfrancisraleigh.org
enabling our St Francis community to sharing time, talent, and treasure as gifts from God.


Summer at St Francis – Ashley Watson – 919-847-8205×444
St Francis of Assisi has many activities for all age groups this summer. Look for the opportunity that meets your needs.


Support Circles –  Kat and Ferrel Guilroy – ferrel.guillory@gmail.com
Develops a year-long (or longer) relationship with a family transitioning from homelessness, providing emotional support and practical assistance.


The Franciscan SchoolMichael Watson – Principal
Founded in 2000, The Franciscan School is a fully accredited K-8 Catholic School. Reflecting the unique charism of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, TFS is dedicated to an education that fosters a Christ-centered way of living and celebrates the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth. We invite you to visit our beautiful campus. We offer individual tours and student shadow opportunities. Schedule a tour and a shadow day online at www.franciscanschool.org, or by calling Lura Tysiac, Admissions Coordinator, at 919.534.4837 ext 469.


The Way of FrancisBen Whitehouse
An individual pilgrimage for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the gifts they have received from God.


Transportation to Mass – Stephanie Smith – 919-302-0080
Provides transportation to parishioners who have no means of getting to church for weekend liturgies.


Ushers – John Cuomo – 919-931-4308 or Troy Chaput 919-665-7194
Serve as visual representatives of St. Francis during mass and offer assistance and direct the offertory collection, Eucharistic  procession, and bulletin distribution.


Visitation Ministry  Sharon Holland – hollandbozo@yahoo.com
Provides friendly visits to parishioners in area hospitals and care facilities.


Volleyball Youth Mary Arleth – 919-847-8205×358
Girls and Boys League play during the months of June-July . Registration begins in April.


Weekday Volunteer Receptionists – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205×249
Monday thru Friday, welcome people who walk in our door, answer the main phone number.


Weekend Volunteer Receptionists – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205 x241
Sunday, welcome people who come to mass by helping with registration, mass cards, and general inquires.


Weekend Welcome Hosts – Kathy Sales 919-847-8205×488, kathy.sales@stfrancisraleigh.org
Extend genuine welcome to people coming to church each weekend by greeting folks and sharing smiles at the main doors of the church, directing folks around campus, and generally creating a warm atmosphere where all feel welcome and a part of the St Francis community.


Welcome New Parishioner Events – Kathy Sales 919-847-8205×488,  kathy.sales@stfrancisraleigh.org
Provide a welcoming opportunities for new parishioners through being table hosts at our monthly new parishioner events.


Wedding Directors – Judy Ferraro – 919-395-3005


Women’s Ministry – Beth Gaudette – 919-847-8205×241


Call Now ButtonCall St. Francis