Support Groups

St. Francis offers a variety of support groups for those who would like assistance in working through whatever situation they seek support. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, a loss of a job, alcohol addiction, have caregiver issues dealing with a devastating disease such as Alzheimer’s, take advantage of this incredible resource and immerse yourself in one of our support groups. Your situation is treated confidentially and you will be surrounded by supportive people who understand and can empathize with your situation. If you have question about our support groups, please contact Kathleen Owen at (919) 847-8205×241 or email

Support Groups

AA Meditation – Kathleen Owen 847-8205×241

Al-Anon – Madeline Horrigan 919-923-1234

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support – Linda Tucker 919-900-8280

Cancer Companions – Kathleen Owen – 919-847-8205 x241

Divorce Care – William Morgan

Job Connections – Mary Horner –

Seasons of Hope  – Kathleen Owen – 919-847-8205 x241

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