Giving is Receiving – Stewardship  

The St. Francis family, which includes The Franciscan School and the St. Francis Preschool, embraces Stewardship as a way TO life.  Created in God’s image and likeness, we believe that all that we have, and all that we will ever be is pure gift from God.  We recognize that we are accountable to God for the ways in which we use our gifts and blessings of our lives.    Read more….


“What does it mean to be a steward at St. Francis?”

A Christian Steward
receives God’s gifts graciously
nurtures them responsibly
shares them lovingly
stands accountable for them to the Lord

The Catholic Community of St Francis of Assisi
Embraces stewardship as an integral part of who we are by sharing our gifts of time, talent, and treasure with the parish community.

Msgr. Clay and parish leadership councils are pleased to offer the St. Francis Parish Steward tuition rate to our Catholic families who qualify as parish stewards.

To qualify for the St. Francis Parish Steward tuition rate:

  1. Children and at least one parent must be registered members of St. Francis of Assisi
  2. At least one parent must be baptized Catholic (or) actively participating in the RCIA program.
  3. Family must complete the annual Family Stewardship Form

Each year, our parish community is committed to Catholic Education so that a portion of our parish offertory contributions are directed to keeping the tuition rate lower for stewardship parishioners.  Therefore, in addition, families are expected to:

  1. Regularly attend weekly MASS.
  2. Engage in PARISH MINISTRY to the best of their ability*
  3. Make REGULAR, IDENTIFIABLE financial contributions to the parish offertory at a level commensurate with their means. (Please note that cash contributions, if not enclosed in an envelope with the family name, are not identifiable.) **

*For ways to engage in parish ministry, go to the “Get Involved” tab on the parish website ( or call Kathy Sales 919-847-8205×488,
**For options for financial giving, go to the “Give” tab and click on “Treasure” on the parish website or call Toni Hammes at 919-847-8205 x 265.


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