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St. Francis TV is an interview program produced by the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi featuring topics of relevance and of timely exposure to our faith community.

Below you will find a listing of all past episodes.

Episode 8: TFS Students Interview Fr. Jairo on the topic of Migration—episode-8-njhmrvtzbydxm0in1q82

Episode 7: “Toward An Ever Wider We” Migrants and Refugees—episode-7-biy1tjw7pwmjjswdkfxn

Episode 6: Youth and Young Adults in Liturgy—episode-6-b7ixrhrfbsfxvuguzfjv

Episode 5: Stephen Ministry—episode-5-efkoeurchey5fhilbvni

Episode 4: Bishop’s Annual Appeal—episode-4-z4fmcsria5yv9svqg9ko

Episode 3: Interview with Bishop Zarama

Episode 2: BAA Stewardship–episode-2-a4ylv9035ckwuwxlh65z

Episode 1: Interview with Msgr. Michael Clay, Pastor and Jim Wahl, Director of Liturgy and Music

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