St. Francis Feeds – Oak City Outreach Center!

Oak City Outreach closed in April.  Now we have Oak City Cares, a brand new multi-services center.
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St Francis Feeds

Also, we will continue our weekend meal service and
actually hope to increase the frequency. 
Here is a link to our feeding calendar 
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if you would like to sign up.

Our mission is to reach out in a special way and promote the human dignity of the poor, suffering and oppressed people in low-income areas of the community.

For a number of years we have been preparing meals each month and serving them to people living in a Southeast Raleigh neighborhood near the Safety Club on Branch Street.  The community there has been very grateful for our assistance but the need has changed.  So we have moved to a new location.  Volunteers from St. Francis will now prepare meals and serve them to individuals experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity in downtown Raleigh at Oak City Outreach Center.

Oak City Outreach Center is coordinated by Catholic Charities and is a collaboration of the city of Raleigh and the Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness.  It is located at 215 S. Person Street 27609 near Moore Square in downtown Raleigh.  The mission of the center is to provide a place of hospitality on weekends where people can gather to receive and give nourishment that comes from sharing of food and fellowship.

We are very excited to be able to serve over 200 people in need at a time.
We donate food, serve a meal, and/or visit with homeless and hungry guests of OCOC.

  • St. Francis serves the 2nd Saturday every other month
  • Time Commitment: 2 hours on Saturday,
    Sometimes we serve a breakfast meal, sometimes lunch or dinner.
  • Gifts: Donating and serving food, friendliness and hospitality
  • Family-friendly (children ages 9 and up are welcome with parents) 

If you would like to sign up  (click here)
This will take you to our feeding calendar where you will find all of our feeding opportunities with links to sign-up

For more information this ministry or about volunteering 
contact Becky Cawley at 919-847-8205×267 or

Ending Homelessness Together with Coordinated Care 

 Beginning in April, Oak City Outreach Center will close and Oak City Cares, a brand new multi-services center, will open to serve homeless and at-risk-of-becoming homeless individuals and families with the goal of ending and preventing homelessness.  Oak City Cares, with many community partners providing on-site life-sustaining and life-rebuilding services, will be a connecting point for guests without the barrier of transportation and resources. And the hospitality, welcome and community that was built at Oak City Outreach Center will transfer to Oak City Cares as weekend and holiday meals with community partners like St. Francis will continue. 

When people remain homeless for long periods, they become isolated and lose hope due to the lack of social supports that are necessary for anyone to overcome homelessness.  These brothers and sisters must travel from agency to agency searching for answers and services to meet their many needs, often receiving little to none.  In the process their sense of self as children of God worthy of dignity and respect is diminished and may even disappear.  Oak City Cares hopes to restore hope and dignity and to reawaken a desire to become all God intended each person to be.

The new center will open every day and provide services like showers, laundry, case management, health and behavioral health services, mail services, social services, and much, much more.  As you might suspect, many volunteers are needed to run Oak City Cares – welcome and hospitality, front desk, administrative support, basic services, family recreation area, etc.  You may contact me if you would like a volunteer application for Oak City Cares or find them on facebook and sign up for one of their volunteer training sessions and you will receive an application then.

Thank you for any help you can provide!



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