Sign up for Spiritual Gifts Journey Small Groups

Summer Small Group Interest: If you didn’t get a spot in the Spring Small Groups we will be running another set up of groups starting in June.

If you have interest in joining a Summer Groups go join our Summer Interest Group so we can contact you with more information as we get closer.

How to Join the Spiritual Gifts Small Group Summer Interest Group


Follow the steps below to begin registration using Realm

Step 1: Log in to Realm on either the web version or the Realm Connect app (You must first log in to Realm in order to join the group)

Step 2: Click on the Groups tab (left side of your screen) or the More Icon (then Groups) in the Realm Connect app.

Step 3: Click on “Find Groups”, Click on “Formation and Eduacation” locate and Click the “Spiritual Gifts Small Group Summer Interest” Group

Step 4: Click “Join Spiritual Gifts Small Group Summer Interest”

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