Sister Parish Guatemala

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Our mission is to broaden our experience of the body of Christ through the ongoing relationship between our parish and a small Mayan village in the mountains of Guatemala.  Spending time living with our Mayan brothers and sisters deepens our mutual understanding of what it means to be Christ in the larger world and allows this experience to transform our daily lives.

A ‘hermanamiento’ or ‘sister’ linkage was created in 1993 between St Francis of Assisi and Las Margaritas II of the Ixchan region of Guatemala.  Each year, one or two delegations of six to 10 parishioners travel to Las Margaritas II to live, work and pray with the community for a week or two.  The purpose of our relationship is not to provide relief but to open our minds and transform our hearts.

About every three years we have hosted a “South to North Delegation” where five or six delegates from Las Margaritas II visit our community. To read about the life-changing impact of one man’s experience of cultural exchange many years ago, please click here.

Contact: Carie Gunnells. Also visit the Sister Parish Inc. website.


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