School Advisory Council of The Franciscan School

In accordance with the provisions of Canon Law and the policies of the Diocese of Raleigh, The School Advisory Council (SAC) is established to assist and advise the Principal of  The Franciscan School and the Pastor of  St. Francis of Assisi parish.  The Council is representative of the entire parish community of St. Francis of Assisi.  The function of the School Advisory Council is to advise in implementing policies and regulations as stated in the Catholic Schools Administrative Handbook issued by the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. The School Advisory Council Chairperson,  is a member of the Pastoral Council.  The SAC assists in the development of school policies and long-range plans,  assists in the development of an ongoing assessment of the school’s performance within the context of the total educational mission of the parish, and assists the Principal and Director of Finance in the development of the school budget in collaboration with the Parish Finance Council and the Pastoral Council. The School Advisory Council is not to enter into the administrative functions of the school.

For more information or questions about our School Advisory Council, please contact:, Principal of The Franciscan School.

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