Our Community’s Candidates for Full Initiation – 2021

Please pray for our Candidates as they prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation!

Brook Galesic

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Brook Galesic grew up in the Southwest in Arizona and New Mexico. A lifelong Catholic, she is the oldest of six children. Brook is very close with her large family of siblings, parents, and stepparents, and she loves spending her free time with them and her friends. She is employed by Wake County Public Schools as a special education teacher. Brook says that her favorite thing about being Catholic is receiving the Eucharist. After experiencing so much acceptance, formation, and love from the St. Francis community, Brook is excited to become a fully initiated member.

Geoffrey “Geoff” Berrios

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Geoffrey Berrios grew up in Damascus, Maryland, and never returned after he moved to North Carolina to attend college at East Carolina University. When he is not focusing on his job in tech sales, he enjoys going to the gym and bike riding. What Geoff most loves about the Church is the community he has found here at St. Francis. He is most looking forward to meeting people in person after virtually attending so many RCIA sessions. When things open up, Geoff is hoping to become more involved in the community.

Our Community’s Neophytes – 2021

Please pray for our Neophytes, newly welcomed to the table of the Lord.

Alexandria “Lexi” Anderson

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Alexandria Anderson is coming to us from the Latter Day Saints faith tradition. She is the oldest of five in a big, tight-knit, fun-loving, military family. Lexi grew up “all over” but now lives here in Raleigh, working as an analytical chemist. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and running, reading, and catching up on her favorite programs, especially crime shows! New to the area, Lexi has found our parish to be incredibly warm and welcoming. Lexi is getting married this summer and she and her fiancé, Stuart, are looking forward to raising their future children in the Catholic Church.

Jason Riddle

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Jason Riddle grew up in the Baptist tradition in Weaverville, North Carolina, but never celebrated baptism. He lives here in Raleigh with his wife, Caroline, and daughter, Evelyn, who is a student at TFS. Jason works as a senior manager at Cisco Systems. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially playing with Evelyn. Jason says that our parish is open and welcoming, and he is very much looking forward to getting involved with the many volunteer ministries here.

David “Dave” Rion

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David Rion grew up in North and South Carolina. Although he was never baptized, he attended Catholic schools his whole life and has been brought to the Church by Catholic friends. Dave lives in Raleigh and works in his own practice as an orthopedic surgeon. In his free time, he enjoys building and painting models, as well as tabletop gaming. He also loves dogs and has an English Mastiff and an English Bulldog. Alongside wife Christine and his three children, Dave is journeying towards baptism at Easter. He has found our community to have a welcoming atmosphere and a willingness to help newcomers grow in faith. Dave really is looking forward to becoming even closer to Jesus Christ through the Sacraments.

Christine Rion

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Christine Rion grew up in a Christian household in Indianapolis, Indiana, but was never baptized. A wife and mother here in Raleigh, she is taking a break from her career in higher education to raise her three children, Reagan, Aurora, and Logan. Christine is a self-proclaimed podcast junkie. She loves book club and tries to read or listen to at least two books each month! She also loves to craft and cook for her family. Christine and her husband David, along with their three children, will all be celebrating baptism in the Easter season. She feels that St. Francis is among the most welcoming communities she has ever experienced and can’t wait to celebrate and grow in the Catholic faith as a family.

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