Prayer Requests

at Mass or through our Prayer Line Ministry

If you would like to submit a request for prayer during Mass or submit a prayer request to our Prayer Line Ministry, please use the corresponding section below.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests can now be done via our online request form Click here

We have many different prayer options:

Recent Deaths – We mention the names of our registered parishioners or the names of immediate family members of our registered parishioners who have recently passed (within the last 3-4 weeks). These names are mentioned outloud at All Masses one weekend.

Prayers for the deceased – to have a deceased loved one or friend remembered at Mass, complete this form listing the date and time you would like.  We only accept 4 names per Mass.  If your dates/times are not available we will contact you.

Prayers for the ill – these request must come from an immediate family member with the ill persons permission or from the ill person in order to have name mentioned out loud at Mass.  If your not a relative, we can have the name listed for silent prayers at Mass for a day, week or month and/or you can list them below for prayers from the Prayer Line Ministry. 

NOTE: Mass Requests are accepted up to 12 noon on Thursday for the upcoming weekend Mass.
We cannot guarantee names will be mentioned for requests received after 12 noon on Thursday.
Also, usually our receptionists at the church can log your request in the Mass Request book  Monday to Friday 9-4 pm.
at 919-847-8205  but Due to COVID-19 our receptionists desk is closed.
If you have any questions please contact Jackie Adamo at
For late requests, contact 

Click here –  for our on line Prayer Request Form

Prayer Line Ministry

Volunteers pray for anyone for whom a request is submitted.

If a name is mentioned in the request, it is held in confidence.
A Prayer request can be as simple as: “Please pray for my friend who has cancer.”

Please use the box located in the Stewardship Center in the church.

If you would like more information about this ministry, or to volunteer, please contact Paul Wilson – 

If you have had prayers answered, please let us know by using the prayer request form and putting “Answered Prayers” at the top. It is through sharing the good news that our faith is strengthened!




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