Padre Pio Secular Franciscans

We are a group of 32 people all ages and from different churches in the area.
We are growing as more Secular Franciscans move into the area and want to join the fraternity.

 We meet the 4th Sunday of every month at St Francis of Assisi. 

Our fraternity  goes to Oak City Cares on the 4th Saturday of the month where we feed the homeless and very often
we go out for a dinner after we serve.

 We also get together to socialize outside of your regular meeting.
In the past we have had an Epiphany party and a Lenten Luncheon.

All are welcome to join us.

Padre Pio Secular Franciscan Order – The Brother and Sisters of St. Francis Region

What is the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS)?
Secular Franciscans, as the name implies, live their lives in the world rather than in religious communities. They may be single or married, women or men, in all walks of life. They live the Gospel in a Franciscan manner according to their own Rule which they profess after a period of initial formation. Profession as a Secular Franciscan is a lifelong commitment. Formation and profession of the Secular Franciscan takes place within a local community called a fraternity. Life in fraternity is an essential aspect of the Secular Franciscan vocation. The fraternity is a community of love, the privileged place for the sisters and brothers to develop their sense of Church and the Franciscan call. Although a self-governing Order, each Secular Franciscan fraternity receives guidance in spiritual matters from a spiritual assistant, usually a friar from one of the other Franciscan Orders. These relationships are particularly strong between Secular Franciscans and the Franciscan friars with whom they share common roots in the Franciscan penitential tradition.

September 2019 News Letter –

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