November Month of Remembrance

All Saints Mass

Friday, November 1

9:00 am & 7:00 pm in the Church

a holy day of obligation


All Souls &
Memorial Garden Mass

Saturday, November 2

9:00 am in the Memorial Garden


Mass of Remembrance

Monday, November 4

7:00 pm Mass in the Church

Thanksgiving Day Mass

Thursday, November 28

9:00 am Mass in the Church




All Saints Day, the day on which Catholics celebrate all the saints, known and unknown, is a surprisingly old feast. It arose out of the Christian tradition of celebrating the martyrdom of saints on the anniversary of their death. When martyrdoms increased during the persecutions of the late Roman Empire, local dioceses instituted a common feast day in order to ensure that all martyrs, known and unknown, were properly honored. All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation.

This year our All Souls Mass will be combined with our beautiful Memorial Garden Mass that celebrates the life and faith of all those inurned or memorialized in the St. Francis Memorial Garden as well as those buried in the St Francis portion of the cemetery at Raleigh Memorial Park. All are welcome to attend. Mass is held outside in the Memorial Garden so please dress accordingly.

This year our Church remembers all who have passed from this life at our Mass of Remembrance. During the liturgy we will honor all who have died during this past year. As the deceased’s name is read, a relative or representative will present a photo (5×7 or smaller) to be placed near the altar. After Mass all photos will be on display for the month of November. If you have a loved one who has died since last October and would like their name to be read at mass, send an email to Tim Hetzel at

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, November has been the month in which we remember our deceased. This November, as in years past, we will make available our Book of Remembrance. It will be on display throughout the month for all to view, to remember, and to pray for those whose names are inscribed. This is a wonderful way to honor the dead and demonstrate that truly “life is not ended, but changed.” You will be able to add the name of your loved one to the book yourself anytime during the month of November. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Tim Hetzel at 919-847-8205×244 or email:


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