The St. Francis Men’s Ministry was created to offer men the opportunity to minister to one another in the spirit of Christ. The cornerstone of the Ministry is the monthly breakfast meetings that provide a frequent way for men to come together in prayer and fellowship.  The Men’s Ministry provides a safe haven for men to meet other Christian men for friendship, advice, the sharing of our journey through life, and a smooth transition for involvement in other activities with the St. Francis Community.



The Men’s Ministry meets for breakfast in the Community Center
from 7:00 – 8:00 am on the first Monday of each month (except July)  
to grow in faith as brothers in Christ.

For more information contact:

Kathleen Owen – 919-847-8205 x241


Upcoming Events
Nov 6th - Monthly Meeting - discussion on the book titled - What Do You Seek?

At our monthly Men’s Group meetings Fr. Steve Kluge will be leading our discussions on the book titled
What Do You Seek? By Michael J. Buckley, SJ.

Our next meeting is on Nov 6th in the Padua Room beginning at 7:00AM.
The meetings end promptly at 8:00AM.

  1. What had Jesus done for you?
  2. What has Jesus done TO you?
  3. How do you understand the phrase “eternal life”? When does it begin? (p. 24)
  4. How do you show reverence and gratitude for God being totally present in the world? (p. 24)
  5. Since all things are holy gifts (p. 25) how do you show reverence for them?
  6. “God works in and through all things” in order to effect salvation. (p. 25) Discuss.
  7. How does it make you feel to know that we are not God’s servants, but Friends? (p. 27)
  8. Spend some time reflecting on “prevenient grace” (p. 27-28). Does acceptance of God’s grace and our gratitude for God’s grace change why we do what we do?
  9. Discuss: “Christian ministry is not so much a copying of the life of Jesus as it is a continuation of it.” (p. 30)
  10. How do you in your daily lives continue the ministry of Jesus?


Postponed - Pending a future date - Men's Retreat St. Francis Springs Retreat Center

Postponed – Pending a future date.

Silent Retreat at the beautiful St. Francis Springs prayer Retreat Center.