Wedding Directors Ministry

Love weddings? So do we!

Our ministry provides a calm, well trained, helpful person to direct Friday evening wedding rehearsals and to assist the engaged couple in any way necessary during the hour preceding their Saturday wedding.  The Wedding Director is the one of the final – and one of the most important – members of the St. Francis Marriage Preparation ministries to serve the bride and groom.  Wedding Directors are a warm and welcoming representative of St. Francis parish, greeting and assisting members of the couple’s wedding party, their families and friends.

Volunteer Commitment

  • To meet with the Director of Wedding Directors to discuss and become familiar with the ministry.
  • To observe trained wedding directors, as they perform their duties at rehearsals and weddings, in order to acquire the skills and information required for this ministry.  This “mentoring” process may continue as long as the new Director feels necessary, until she feels comfortable and competent enough to direct a wedding “on her own.”
  • To attend two Wedding Director meetings, usually one in the spring and one in the fall of each year, to ask questions, share experiences with other wedding directors, and sign up to direct weddings (approximately one every 4 – 6 weeks) in the upcoming six month period.
  • To attend gatherings of all volunteers involved in the Marriage Preparation ministry, for continued formation and increased understanding of the overall process in which our engaged couples participate.

Description of Duties

  • To contact the bride early in the week of the wedding, introduce herself, explain her function, confirm the time of the rehearsal, offer last minute reminders concerning marriage license, unity candles, etc.
  • To conduct wedding rehearsals on Friday evenings, following decisions agreed upon previously between the engaged couple and the priest.
  • To be present also on Saturday, one hour before the wedding begins, to assist the wedding party with last minute needs and to direct the procession into the church.


As explained above, training is basically accomplished through communication with the Director of the Wedding Director Ministry and through a mentoring process of observing existing directors at work.   A written set of specific guidelines is also provided to each Wedding Director.

To request more information about the Wedding Directors Ministry, you can contact Judy Ferraro, Ministry Leader for Wedding Directors, at, or Jason Lillis, Coordinator of Family Life Ministry, at We look forward to having you join us!

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