Wedding Deposit and Fee Schedule

All applicable fees and the deposit are to be submitted following the initial interview and after a couple is determined to be free to enter into marriage in the Catholic Church.

  • $125 – Marriage Preparation – Steward Rate
  • $325 – Marriage Preparation – Non-Steward Rate
  • $200 – Wedding Music Planning and Musician Fees
  • $250 – Facility Deposit (Refundable following the wedding)

If you are holding your wedding at St. Francis of Assisi…

  • $575 = Total  Steward Rate for Marriage Preparation, Wedding Music, and the Facility Deposit
  • $775 = Total  Non-Steward Rate for Marriage Preparation, Wedding Music, and the Facility Deposit

If you are holding your wedding elsewhere…

  • $125 = Total  Steward Rate for Marriage Preparation
  • $325 = Total  Non-Steward Rate for Marriage Preparation

What does it mean to be a steward at St. Francis? A good Christian steward:

  • receives God’s gifts graciously
  • nurtures them responsibly
  • shares them in love and justice
  • stands accountable before the Lord

St. Francis Parish Stewards:

  • share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure with their parish community.

To qualify for the St. Francis Parish Steward rate, either the bride, groom, or both:

  1. Must be registered members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community. Click here to register online.
  2. Must be baptized Catholic (or) received into the Catholic Church through RCIA (or) currently enrolled in the RCIA program.
  3. Should regularly attend Mass.
  4. Should engage in parish ministry to the best of their ability by giving of their time and talent.
  5. Should make regular, identifiable financial contributions to the parish offertory at a level commensurate with their means. Please click here for information on opportunities for giving, or call the parish office at 919-847-8205 x 229 for more information.
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