Marriage is a sacrament of vocation in the Catholic Church by which a man and a woman are united for life in a covenantal relationship modeled on the union and love of Christ and the Church. With the support of the community, and the grace of this sacrament, the love of husband and wife becomes more perfect, binds them together in fidelity, and helps them in welcoming and caring for children.

The Church shows its pastoral care for the support of marriage by the variety of programs offered to help couples prepare for the celebration of marriage and their lifelong commitment to living it out. The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi offers a process for engaged couples which teaches God’s plan for marriage and fosters communication between each bride and groom around important marriage issues. To begin this process, please click the button below to complete our initial inquiry form for marriage preparation. Additional links are provided to let you know when we hold marriage preparation sessions, and to an FAQ to help you understand how we approach marriage preparation in our community.

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