Make Us Your Mercy – Special Event

Living Lightly on the Earth

Talk by author and national speaker
Susan Vogt

February 12, 2016,
7:00pm – 8:00pm
(after Stations of the Cross)
Founder’s Room, Anthony Hall

In this Year of Mercy, may we seek to be gentle with ourselves, our neighbors, and our planet. Although it may feel overwhelming to pay attention to all these areas of need, Lent is an appropriate time to take stock of what we are already doing that’s good and what we need to let go of to make room for what’s really important.

Susan Vogt, national speaker and author will address the complexity and simplicity of how to do this and still stay sane. She will speak of the experiences that gave rise to her most recent book, Blessed By Less: Clearing Your Life of Clutter By Living Lightly. Join her for tips on how to keep balanced while trying to let go. She will cover the spirituality of letting go of material things and intangibles that clutter our homes and our minds including eating on a Food Stamp budget and wasting less.



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