The Catholic Community of St Francis of Assisi


Invites you to watch our 

Sunday, 9:30 Mass

How to watch a St. Francis Live Streamed Mass

Option 1: Watch on SFA website
  • To watch on our website, simply go to our St Francis website: on Sunday morning. The home page will have the live stream near the top
  • The website is only the live stream – there is no chat and no other features


Option 2: Watch on Facebook Live
  • To watch on Facebook, on Sunday morning go to our Facebook Page: Stfrancisraleigh
  • From this page, scroll down and the live stream should appear somewhere near the top as a Live Post
  • On Facebook you will also have the ability to chat with other people watching and participate somewhat more in the liturgy


Option 3: Watch on our NEW SFA Church Online platform
  • To watch on Church Online, go to
  • This will take you directly to the live stream
  • On Church Online, you are able to chat with other Mass watchers, and you are able to look up and read the scripture verses as they are read during the liturgy


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