“Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.” Psalm 119:66

The ministries on this page offer excellent faith affirming options to expand your knowledge horizons. Whether it’s an opportunity to improve your gardening skills, increase your liturgical knowledge, discover your essential purpose in God’s plan, or a place to allow your children to receive an education built upon a solid Catholic foundation that will serve them throughout their lives, it is all available to you wherever you might happen to be on your faith journey.

Learning Opportunity Ministries


Advocacy Task ForceTrevor Thompson – 919-847-8205 x270
Provides parish leadership for political advocacy in light our faith and our call to faithful citizenship


Adult Formation – Jennifer Fiduccia – 919-847-8205 x238
On Wednesday evenings, participants gather in the chapel at 6:30pm for communal, Lectionary-based prayer until 6:50pm. Following with various adult formation series.


Al-Anon – Madeline Horrigan – madelinevhorrigan@icloud.com
Al-Anon has but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps, by welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.
They meet Sunday nights after 5:30 Mass


Always Gods Children (AGC) – is a program, named after the U.S. Bishops’ 1998 pastoral letter “Always Our Children”, provides a confidential setting for persons who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender), their family, and their friends, in which we share our experiences and concerns.


Baptism PreparationTim Hetzel 919-847-8205×244
Meeting with and preparing our families with infants and children to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism through a once-a-month preparation session.


Care for Creation Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Answers the call of St. Francis to be faithful stewards of God’s creation by advocating on behalf of the environment and supporting educational activities.


Community Conversations – Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
We are a community led by a question of “what does our city need? And how can we help?” Inspired by our patron St. Francis of Assisi, we are a community that stands in solidarity with those on the margins, listens to people’s struggles and hopes, and look for ways to meaningfully serve and advocate.


Confirmation Preparation – Jennifer Fiduccia – 919-847-8205 x238
Confirmation is a sacrament of mature Christian commitment and  a deepening of baptismal gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is a Sacrament of  Initiation and of faith in God’s fidelity to us. Our regular parish program is a two-year process that may begin with entrance to 8th grade. 


Engaging Spirituality – Becky Cawley 919-847-8205 x267
A program of JustFaith Ministries that invites small groups of concerned Christians to look at the world together and enter deeply into the critical realities of our day as they break open their lives. EngagingSpirituality encourages us to BE STILL and STILL BE in the storms of life that surround us. This is 21-week program that meets weekly starting every October. Participants will learn contemplative prayer practices, incorporate reflective journaling and reading, and begin to share in the grounding power of our God who is Emmanuel, God-With-Us.


Faith Formation – Jennifer Fiduccia – 919-847-8205 x238
Our Cross Walk (grades K-5), Cross Train (grades 6-8) and Cross Road (grades 9-12) programs are group-based faith formation programs for our elementary school, middle school and high school-aged children. The programs are centered on the Mass, offering food and fellowship, in a fun, safe environment, with offerings to fit your family’s busy schedule!


First Reconciliation & Eucharist Preparation –  Jennifer Fiduccia – 919-847-8205 x238
First Reconciliation is traditionally celebrated when the children reach the age of reason, which traditionally is seven years old. The sacrament is celebrated in late Fall at a communal Reconciliation service with families present. First Eucharist is celebrated in the spring at our weekend Masses with our community. 


Jobs for Life Ellen Ferrone
This is an employment ministry where unemployed and underemployed men and women, many of whom are homeless, come seeking training, mentoring and coaching to help them find meaningful work. We serve on Mondays.  This is a brand new opportunity in partnership with a transformational organization of Jobs for Life.


JustFaith and other Social Justice Formation Events – Trevor Thompson – 919-847-8205×270
Offers educational programs, films, guest speakers, and event throughout the year on a variety of social justice topics


Justice Theater Project – Deb Royals-Mizerk – 919-272-1551
Engages a variety of social justice topics by offering several dramatic productions a year


On Purpose Peace  – Kathleen Owen at 919-847-8205×241
Is a small Christian Community guide to understanding that you have a purpose and are essential to God’s plan. Discover your two word purpose statement, “I exist to serve God by _______”


Racial Awareness and Religious Exchange (RARE) – Tom Zimmerman at 870-1379
Promotes interracial and interfaith dialogue and understanding through prayer and discussion with members of Baptist Grove Church.


Rite of Christian Initiation Adults RCIA@stfrancisraleigh.org
A process of discernment for adults who seek initiation and full communion with the Catholic Church.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, adapted for Children RCIA@stfrancisraleigh.org
A process of discernment for those who are between the ages of 7 and 17 and seek initiation and full communion with the Catholic Church.


St Francis Preschool   Heidi Hobler, Director   919-847-8205 x240
As a ministry of St. Francis, we are a Catholic preschool offering a variety of classes for children ages 2 through young 5. We provide a structured curriculum beginning at age 2, with specials in Music & Movement, Spanish, Science & Math, and Service. We are validated by The Diocese of Raleigh and accredited by AdvancED. We provide an intimate teacher to student ratio, promote active parent involvement, and provide faith formation opportunities.


Study Circles – Trevor Thompson, 919-847-8205 x270
We periodically offer small group mini-courses that allow participants to explore a single social issue more deeply through the lens of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching in a way rooted in prayer, study, and action. Past topics have included immigration, climate change, health care reform, simple living, and peace-making. If you are interested in exploring a specific topic in a future Study Circle, contact , trevor.thompson@stfrancisraleigh.org


The Franciscan SchoolMichael Watson – Principal
Founded in 2000, The Franciscan School is a fully accredited K-8 Catholic School. Reflecting the unique charism of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, TFS is dedicated to an education that fosters a Christ-centered way of living and celebrates the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth. We invite you to visit our beautiful campus. We offer individual tours and student shadow opportunities. Schedule a tour and a shadow day online at www.franciscanschool.org, or by calling 919.534.4837 ext 469.


The Way of FrancisBen Whitehouse
An individual pilgrimage for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the gifts they have received from God.





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