Know Believe and Live

To Know: A lifelong journey of growth in our knowledge of the Christian faith.  

To Believe: A lifelong journey of growth in our assent and acceptance of what we teach at the level of faith.    

To Live: A lifelong journey of understanding how we make this a part of our life. 

Join Msgr. Michael (virtually) as he presents the 10 most essential beliefs of Christianity and their implications that ground our lifelong journey as Christians and as a faith community. This overview is a prelude to 10 separate modules that will be released for small group and personal viewing beginning in May. 

LAUNCHING A YEAR LONG VIDEO SERIES AT ST. FRANCIS:  We have launched a 1-hour video presentation that is the first of a year long series of video presentations we are producing at St. Francis. This video lecture presents a snapshot of the most essential dimensions of our Christian faith, what I call “Christianity 101.”  It is available by clicking the “click here to watch the video” box above.

The video is meant to be viewed privately in your home. If others live with you, you may want to view it as a household. A handout outlining the content of this video is available for printing and is available by clicking the handout box above. I also encourage you to take the short survey after you have watched the presentation. This will be of great help to us as we plan and produce the rest of the series.

Msgr. Michael Clay

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