To Know Believe Live Small Groups are Here!

Join Msgr. Michael (virtually) as he presents the 10 most essential beliefs of Christianity and their implications that ground our lifelong journey as Christians and as a faith community.

  • 10 separate modules released 2x/month on SFA website for small group and personal viewing
  • Each module contains prayer, video presentation and reflection questions
  • Meet new faces, connect with familiar ones to dive into the essentials of our Christian faith
  • Sign up for a day/time via Realm that works with your schedule
  • 90 min. session, meets (virtually) 2x/month led by facilitator
  • Registration runs April 10 – April 22 ~200 spots available
  • Watch the overview video for more information


Sign up for a KBL Small Group Using REALM

Watch our Video Tutorial!

View this brief video tutorial on how to register for Know, Believe, Live small groups on both the web version and the Realm Connect app. Click the video below to get started.

Getting registered for Small Groups requires logging into Realm


Follow the steps below to begin registration using Realm

Step 1: Log in to Realm on either the web version or the Realm Connect app (You must first log in to Realm in order to register for a small group)

Step 2: Click on the Events tab (left side of your screen) or the Events Icon in the Realm Connect app.

Step 3: Click on “All Events”, locate the “Know, Believe, Live Small Group Registration” event

Step 4: Click on the event to get started

If you need additional help, please view the video tutorial.

Watch the KBL Overview Presentation

 Overview video and prelude of the 10 separate modules: To Know, to Believe, to Live (KBL)

  • To Know: A lifelong journey of growth in our knowledge of the Christian faith
  • To Believe: A lifelong journey of growth in our assent and acceptance of what we teach at the level of faith
  • To Live: A lifelong journey of understanding how we make this a part of our life
  • Journey with Msgr. Michael as he walks participants through “Christianity 101” –the most essential elements of our Christian faith


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