Reading the Signs of the Times: Film Discussions

Join us this fall as we offer a monthly small group movie night or book discussion on hot social topics. Learn and engage in dialogue on controversial issues that require us to take a deep look at what is a compassionate response as people of faith. Popcorn, refreshments, and good conversation included! See you there!

Dialogue on Signs of the Times

One of the challenges from the Second Vatican Council was its summons to read the “signs of the times.” It was a call to reflect deeply on the events unfolding before our eyes and to respond to them out of mature faith and critical thinking. In our current cultural climate of highly polarizing sound bites and talking heads on our news channel of choice, finding respectful spaces where genuine conversation happens is difficult. In our community of St. Francis we aim to create a safe climate for learning about and discussing the signs of the times.


On Screen

waging a living graphic

Nov. 20, 7-9pm, Anthony Hall Library (Rm. 403)
TOPIC: Poverty and low-wage workers
FACILITATOR: Trevor Thompson, director of Justice & Peace

Synopsis: If you work hard, you get ahead. That’s the American Dream in a nutshell — no matter what your race, color, creed or economic starting point, hard work will improve your life and increase your children’s opportunities. Yet, this widely held dream is out of reach for an increasing number of working Americans.

Roger Weisberg’s alarming and heart-wrenching documentary, Waging a Living, puts a human face on the growing economic squeeze that is forcing millions of workers into the ranks of the poor. The film profiles four very different Americans who work full-time but still can’t make ends meet. Despite their hard work and determination, these four find themselves, as one of them observes, “hustling backwards.”

Dec. 18, 7 pm, Anthony Hall, Rm. 403 (Library).
TOPIC: Racism

Recent Viewings

Sept. 25.  Dying to Live: A Migrant’s Journey.

Oct. 16. Chasing Ice

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