Growing in faith requires us not to just memorize doctrines or recite catechism but to live out the Lord’s mandate, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27.

The following stories are little glimpses into how our parishioners are growing in faith by loving God and neighbor. Hopefully, as you read, something touches you, inspires you, challenges you, surprises you, and makes you curious.

Pope Francis says that he wants “a church that is poor and for the poor.” These stories show that, while we have a ways to go, we are trying to be this kind of church, one that goes forth and shares God’s love with the world.

Marcus and Jennifer: Working to Find a Home

The Support Circle ministry works with a family of six on their journey from homelessness to wholeness. (Click for Story)

Politics, Apathy and Advocacy

A parishioner shares a struggle to reconcile politics, her work, and her faith.
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Brown Bag Ministry

Provides parishioners an opportunity to be “a church in mission” by serving low-income seniors in Durham. (Click for Story)


St. Francis Feeds

 A Journey to Hospitality
A parishioner accepts challenge by pastor to start new ministry and learns important lessons about hospitality as a way to welcome Christ. (Click for Story)


Gabriel Project: Former Crises Become Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Parishioners accompany and support young women facing crisis pregnancies through their difficult decision-making, pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. (Click for Story)


Empowering a Poor Community

 A Parishioner’s Journey from Pewholder to Nonprofit CEO
A parishioner establishes non-profit in community as an avenue to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. (Click for Story)


Support Circle

They’re My Family
The Support Circle ministry becomes an extended family in Christ’s name by discovering the value of emotional connections and mutual care. (Click for Story)


The Call to Care for God's Creation

A parishioner reflects on the moral responsibility we have in preserving God’s creation.
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Meeting Michael

A parishioner reflects on meeting a brother in Christ at a local picnic. (Click for Story)

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