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Jobs for Life is a global nonprofit organization that engages and equips the local Church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work. By mobilizing a worldwide network of volunteers committed to applying biblically-based training and mentoring relationships, Jobs for Life helps those in need find dignity and purpose through meaningful work. Established in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1996, Jobs for Life addresses the root causes of unemployment by uniting churches, businesses, and community organizations and facilitating positive transformation within lives and communities. Jobs for Life is an employment ministry where unemployed and underemployed men and women, many of whom are homeless, come seeking training, mentoring and coaching to help them find meaningful work.

If you are interested in this program please contact: Support Circle Program for Homeless Families -Jobs for Life 3000 Highwoods Boulevard, Suite 128 Raleigh, North Carolina 27604 919-790-8533 (Office)

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At St. Francis we are excited to help in this very transformational ministry by providing an evening meal before each class. We do this on Monday nights for 6 weeks, twice a year. We donate food, cook, serve a meal, visit and share in this meal with participants of the Jobs for Life employment ministry. Time Commitment: 2 hours – Varies depending on the task you choose. Gifts: Donating, preparing and serving food, friendliness and hospitality Family-friendly:  Children are welcome with parents
Contact for questions: Ellen Ferrone at
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Jobs for Life
A new chapter of life begins for unemployed and underemployed men and women in our area in September.  Through a ministry called Jobs for Life, men and women, many of whom are homeless, become students committed to a bi-weekly class that includes training, mentoring, and coaching to help them find meaningful work. The ministry of Jobs For Life is known in the Triangle for building lives one job at a time for students seeking employment and learning God’s gift of work. Throughout the duration of the eight-week program, the transformation that occurs in these men and women is amazing. Each week students grow into more capable, confident and spiritually grounded people more comfortable speaking publically, creating a resume, and finding perhaps their first meaningful job. Helping, in even a small way, struggling people take control of their own lives and thus venturing out on a journey to become the fullest expression of the person God created them to be, is beyond satisfying. Won’t you join us as we again partner with Catholic Charities and the Support Circle Program in offering this ministry to those in need in our community?  You can:

  • Cook and share a meal with students and their families
  • Shop for needed food items 
  • Provide childcare for the children which consists of helping with homework as well as engaging them in some activities/games.
  • Be a Champion and mentor a student by walking with them as they learn and look for meaningful employment. 

For those who are interested in learning more or helping in any capacity, contact
Ellen Ferrone
at or 858-531-9797.



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