The idea is simple. We can FEED THE HUNGRY with what is left in the field.

The excess production of area farms is a rich source of fresh, healthy produce. Our Field Gleaning program connects farmers who have excess crops with people who need fresh produce.

Farmers call us when they have extra crops. We bring a farmer-trained volunteer crew, gather the produce, and distribute it to people in need in our seven-county area.

  • Did you know this area’s low income communities have some of the highest rates of obesity and chronic disease in the country? They also have the most limited access to healthy, fresh foods. By participating in a Field Gleaning, you provide communities in need with access to fresh, nutritious food.
  • 100 million pounds of produce are left  in the field in NC
  • Anyone can volunteer at a Field Gleaning. Field work is a wonderful way to connect, and you can easily make a big difference for our less fortunate neighbors.

We will gather in the parking lot of the community center at St. Francis of Assisi at 8 A.M. and carpool.

Many of the farms are about an hour away. Please dress appropriately – closed toed shoes are required, sunscreen, hat, gloves and long sleeves are good ideas. Bring a water bottle. It gets hot quickly out in the fields.

Times are approximate. We will not know the location of the farm, or what we are picking, until a day or two before the gleaning, so may need to adjust times.

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