January 5, 2020

Continued Christmas Greetings 

 St Francis Parish!

 This is the first of what will probably become many thoughts on change and transformation that we will navigate through together in these coming days.

 To one degree or another we experience change on a daily basis, but are often unaware of it or its impact because of how subtle it might be. Then there are those occasions where change is great and even seemingly overwhelming. It is in these times especially that we must remember who we are as people who say we believe — do we just “say” it or do we truly, honestly, and with all we are, believe it? Because for a person of faith change means there can never be an end to anything — it just becomes more of what it is meant to become by God.

 And so where I think the first place to focus in these coming days is relationship — those bonds and connections forged among all of us that can never be broken as long as we remember what these bonds mean to us. For the present no one is going anywhere and the future is not even in the phase of taking shape. And right now we have each other, as we always have, and the focus on maintaining, strengthening, and affirming our relationships with each other — ways that may not have been apparent because they were so subtle before — is our focus now and into this still to be determined future for all of us.

And so in these days to come we will be about remembering our relationships to, with, and for each other — founded in Christ, but given life through our presence and gifts to one another. To remember is to give life; to forget is to let die — and no one is forgetting anything.

Fr. Jim

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